Bring your cannabis grow to life with mycorrhizae, trichodermas and bacteria

Caring for your cannabis plants can be challenging. These require your attention, knowledge and the right materials.

The first and most important thing to take into account is the genetics of the variety of plants you are growing, at Flor Prohibida, we have a wide variety of very strong and productive seeds at your disposal.

We invite you to stay reading until the end, as we will give you all the details below to help bring your crops to life.

What are Mycorrhizae?

Mycorrhiza is defined as the symbiotic union or “alliance” that occurs between fungi and plant roots. These fungi wrap their roots and penetrate them microscopically in order to absorb (the roots) the nutrients that the plant generates through photosynthesis.

The fungus creates a suitable environment for the roots, since they help to capture the water and mineral nutrients found in the soil, as well as serving as protection against invasive agents and pathogens.

Within the main benefits of the mycorrhizae we can highlight the following:

  • Increase in the absorption of nutrients from plants.
  • Increasing the defenses of plants against pathogenic attacks and other fungi.
  • Increase of up to 100% in the absorption of nutrients from crops.
  • In general, they help improve soil fertility.

An excellent product that has these and more beneficial properties is the GREAT WHITE MICORRIZES. This is specially designed to increase the assimilation of nutrients and improve the defense system of cannabis plants.

What are trichodermas?

Trichodermas are mushrooms that are present in most of the fertile soil of the world. This type of fungus is special for being “opportunistic”, since it wraps itself around the root of the plant as a mantle, providing great benefits, while the plant congratulates the fungus on the conditions to live and proliferate.

Also in this case it is a symbiotic relationship in which both organisms benefit, especially the plant. Within the main benefits of trichodermas have:

  • Destroy invading fungi that seek to crouch in the root of the plant by means of enzymes.
  • It contributes to the stimulation of the roots to increase the capacity of these to process the nutrients of the soil.
  • It generates an environment suitable for the reproduction and development of plants, since trichodermas reduce the proliferation of pathogenic fungi
  • They stimulate and strengthen the immune system of plants.

These are the main advantages that trichodermas offer to your crops.

In addition, you can use different types of bacteria such as plant growth promoting rhizobacteria to accelerate the development of your plants.

Taking care of and growing your plants can be quite difficult, especially if it is a marijuana crop, but, with products like GREAT WHITE MICORRHIZES it’s pretty straightforward.


We hope this information is useful to you and remember that we are at your disposal for whatever you need, we know about crops! Visit our store to find all the products you will need to give life to the crops.

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