Possibly the best luminaire for self-cultivating marijuana in square spaces.

Possibly the best luminaire for self-cultivating marijuana in square spaces.

Specifying the information in the title better, I would say that it is ideal for 1.2 × 1.2 and 1.45 × 1.45 × 2 cabinets.

Speaking of luminaires, we can distinguish 2 large groups, each one different from the other, and each one requires one lighting or another:

1st group-Professional cultivation: Generally in large greenhouses and with different lighting systems. Today the high performance and full cycle Led system is being imposed, but there are also those with Lec and Sodium, but the latter is already in disuse.

2nd group-Self-cultivation: The vast majority of us use “square” cabinets and this is what prevails when choosing one lighting or another. In this type of cultivation it is necessary to optimize the cultivation space since cultivators who consume a lot can have problems of self-sufficiency. You can not use more space, there is what there is, and for this reason it is very important to use all the available light power

This is how I began to combine 2 luminaires in 2012. Sodium and an adjust a wing reflector as the central luminaire and 4 Evo-Led reinforcing the 4 sides.

I did tests with different luminaires and tried different arrangements and shape of the Led, photo below:

And even with very good harvests as we can see in the photograph below, my daily consumption of marijuana increased, I needed more marijuana:

It was in 2013 when I built a platform to hold the LEDs. It raised and lowered the entire platform at the same time. Sodium + led, so I worked for many years in a 1.2 × 1.2 × 2 cabinet, and tested the system with several reflectors. This is the first photograph I took when everything was finished:

Here testing a double extraction system. At the top you can see a lot of cables due to the various probes that he used to measure temperature:

With cutting and light molding, a mantle of equal buds is achieved, the flatness at the tips of the plants is impressive:

Important: All these years of cultivation helped me learn various things.

-The lighting has to be 100% dimmable.

-That the lighting is symmetrically distributed over the entire surface of the crop.

-Each Led Bar must be independent and can be adjusted in height. The Led bars adapt to the plants and create a light blanket where all the lumens emitted by the luminaire are used to the maximum.

-Only with the central focus a perfect “light molding” is made in order to obtain a homogeneous height on all floors.

-Very high gr / w efficiency with very large energy savings. Keep in mind that I start by growing 40 plants with 200W of Led and it is not until the 3rd week of flowering that I connect the 4 Led bars.

Well, being as efficient as it was in a 1.2 × 1.2 × 2 closet, it was very fair and I practically had to grow it all year round. I had the opportunity to change to a slightly larger wardrobe and use the latest generation luminaire sponsored by my friends at Hortitec:

-Lec Selecta II 630W

–4 Kappa 100W bars.

With this arrangement, I do 3 harvests a year and I have 3 months of vacation. The plants are tremendous, with good buds. Point out that efficient cultivation elements are more expensive than the rest, but listen to me, “Be efficient”:

Current crop:

Nowadays, in the XXI century I still read even in sector magazines, «the myth» that plants very close together become spiky. You can judge in the photograph below. I do not see spiky plants, if not too fat buds to have 6 weeks and 5 days of flowering:

This pair of plants is about 1 meter high, and even though they are taller than the others, it does not break the homogenization in height since the Led Kappa 100W adapts to its height and the other bars I adapt in height as it suits me best. to me. This Lec + Led system only has advantages and increases the efficiency of the total luminaire:

In indoor cultivation, the most expensive thing is energy expenditure and it must be optimized since we will reduce this consumption and make it efficient. This is the advice I give to my friends, toni13.

Hello friends.

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