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Have you ever considered how to give a special green touch to your glasses or cocktails and the truth is that it is really simple and very very rich and interesting. Well, from the best grow shop online we bring you VOZKA of marijuana !.

In this article we explain What will you need to prepare a delicious marijuana vozka without great knowledge of bartender 😉

Ingredients for making homemade marijuana vozka

  • 8 grams of dried marijuana (you can use more if you have crop residues such as leaves or stems)
  • 750 milliliters of vodka (1 commercial bottle of 75cl)

Marijuana voice step by step

It will not take us long and of course we will not have to set up a distillation plant or anything like that 😉 We bought a 75cl bottle of our favorite brand of vozka and either we took some marijuana leftovers or we chose one of our favorite flowers and … we started!

  1. We put the 75cl of vozka in a dark container or pot, that does not allow light to penetrate inside.
  2. We chop our 8 grams of marijuana and we add them to the vozka.
  3. We shake the container with the mixture and store it in a cool, dry and dark place. It is important that we repeat this process once a day for three days.
  4. When it has macerated and we have stirred it for three days, the mixture is ready for the next step. We will put a saucepan on the fire with water and when it starts to boil, we will turn off the fire and put the container of the vozka and the marijuana tightly closed. The bottle should be almost covered for at least half an hour.
  5. After those 30 minutes, we can filter the entire mixture to remove traces of marijuana and we will have our special vozka ready.

We always recommend a lot of caution when we ingest marijuana. In this case, we must maximize it, since in addition to having a faster and stronger effect by being consumed in this way, we are mixing it with alcohol, so we better do it with a head to have a good time.

We hope you like this idea and that you are encouraged to approve of using this special vozka in your favorite cocktails. We come up with a lot of ideas like un rico Sex on the Beach hasta un Space Bloody Mary. Cheer up and tell us 😉

Enjoy it!

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