Why don’t my marijuana seeds germinate?

Those of us who call ourselves medical cannabis growers We usually blame the seed when, after a few days of the sowing process, it has not yet germinated. This is usually a mistake, since marijuana seeds have a germination of almost 100% of the cases. So if it’s not the seed’s fault… it’s your fault.

Possible reasons why your medical cannabis seeds are not germinating

  • Leave them on a plate with wet napkins: the risk of them drying out is very high (not much less than the risk of them rotting from running into the water).
  • Leave them in a glass of water: this method can be deadly for the seeds if the water drops below 20º Celsius, so if you don’t do it in summer… you have it very complicated.
  • Directly in a Jiffy or pot: If we plant the medical marijuana seed directly in the ground, we run a lot of risks. Among them that if the seed takes more than 48 hours to germinate, It can dry up the surface soil and stop the moisture cycle, which will be fatal for the seed. Not to mention that if we water it without having germinated, we can move the seed very high or very low in the pot, that is to say: either you dry it or you rot it.

The most effective method to germinate your seeds

The solution is very simple (and much safer): you must ALWAYS germinate the seed before planting it… How? Well in a tupper with wet napkins. You will ensure that the water does not evaporate if you keep it closed. How do we maintain the temperature? In summer in a drawer and in winter on top of the Internet router. Easy right?

As the days go by, our seeds will germinate, sooner or later, try it and tell us about your experience.

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