Who Invests in the Cannabis Sector – Celebrities and Marijuana

The participation of famous in the medical marijuana business It has entered an unstoppable upward process in recent years. The professionalization of the cannabis industry, the new regulations undertaken by different countries regarding the legalization of the cultivation and consumption of cannabis, in addition to the recent discoveries of the therapeutic properties of this controversial substance, have aroused the interest of numerous personalities, both musicians as athletes and other businessmen, to invest in companies that are dedicated to this noble botanical art.

Celebrities and marijuana: celebrities from the medical cannabis industry

Mike Tyson

For someone who has taken as many blows in life as Mike Tyson, medical marijuana can be extremely beneficial in alleviating a variety of muscle conditions, spasms, and inflammations. In addition, the legendary and famous American boxer has stated on different occasions that “Cannabis saved him from himself”, since after more than 20 years fighting in a ring, enormous physical wear and tear and two surgeries, marijuana was able to calm his nerves and reduce the pain he suffered daily.

His life rebuilt after filing for bankruptcy in 2003, Mike Tyson has taken a new business path, highlighting the founding of Tyson Holistic Holdings, parent group made up of subsidiaries Tyson Holistic Y Tyson Ranch. The first of these companies is dedicated to investing in companies that produce hemp-based articles, while the second focuses its activity on cannabis. Since marijuana is legal in the state of California, Tyson’s company generates more than half a million dollars a month, whose 40-acre ranch is located in the Mojave Desert.

David Beckham

Successful footballer, model and great celebrity on the European scene, the British David Beckham also has become a successful entrepreneur, getting involved in different corporations belonging to multiple sectors. The last of them has to do with medical marijuana, since the former player of Real Madrid and Manchester United, through his investment fund DB Ventures, has acquired shares of Cellular Goods, a company that makes all kinds of medicinal products, made from cannabis.

Miley Cyrus

The career of the famous singer Miley Cyrus has always been linked to the use of cannabis, both in her time as Hannah Montana on Disney Channel, and in her later musical reconversion. At the moment, has a limited edition rolling paper made with gold leaf by the brand Papers Shine. In addition, he has invested in the restaurant Lowell Café, located in Los Angeles, considered the first cannabis restaurant in the United States. Finally, it also collaborates with the organic cannabis farm Lowell Herb Co.

Maximillian White

The medical marijuana industry, beyond famous singers, athletes, actors and other types of public figures who decide to invest their capital, is also made up of entrepreneurs who have forged their empire in their own commercial activity. This is the case of Maximillian White, English tycoon as young as 40, which after succeeding in the music and real estate sector, has extended its boundaries through the cultivation of medicinal cannabis.

Resident in the Sierra de Tramuntana of Mallorca, owns more than 40 hectares in Portugal, whose annual production amounts to 1,500 million euros. Turned to one of the biggest influencers On Instagram, the prestigious economic magazine Forbes lists him as “the first billionaire in the cannabis industry.”


Considered one of the best-known rappers in the world, Jay-Z is also an entrepreneur of height in the American market, participating in different sectors such as fashion, sports, food and entertainment. Apart from these, he has also decided to get involved in the cannabis market, partnering with the well-known Californian brand Caliva. As director of strategy and operations of this company, in 2019 he launched a new line of cannabis called Monogram.

Snoop Dogg

Cannabis is synonymous with Snoop Dogg. The eccentric American rapper has been, for decades, one of the main musical references of the cannabis industry, thanks to its constant active defense to achieve the legalization of this substance throughout the United States. Today, the composer of mythical songs like Smoke the weed O This weed iz mine, owns a line of cannabis-derived products called Leafs by Snoop. In addition, he is also the brand ambassador Seedo, specifically, serving as the image of its revolutionary automated cultivation machine.

Wiz Khalifa

Named Cameron Jibril Thomaz, this famous American songwriter and singer has also acquired notable popularity within the marijuana industry, as his name has been associated with different products and companies. A clear example of this is the variety Khalifa Kush, fruit of its collaboration with the chain of dispensaries The Cookie Company, which also has a rolling paper under the name Wiz Khalifa. In addition, your company has also started marketing cannabis oil in Canada.

Carlos Santana

“Cannabis is a door to a different state of consciousness”, declared the musician Carlos Santana, one of the maximum defenders of the legalization of cannabis, who asked the former president of the United States, Barack Obama, to use the sales taxes of marijuana for public education funding. This rock icon was associated with Left Coast Ventures to develop cannabis and high CBD products. In addition, according to the company itself, the new selection of products will include topics based on traditional recipes of the Santana family.


Famous Canadian rapper has partnered with renowned cannabis producing company Canopy Growth, to create a subsidiary bearing the name of More Life Growth Company. This alliance represents a new impetus for one of the companies that has benefited the most from the legalization of cannabis in that North American country. In the words of the company and Drake himself, “this company will dedicate its existence to achieving the well-being and personal growth of consumers”, offering top quality products for recreational and medicinal use.

Whoopi Goldberg

Actress of critically acclaimed films such as Sister Act, Ghost Y The color purple He became one of the main public figures in American society to proclaim himself in favor of the therapeutic use of cannabis, due to its proven medicinal properties. Therefore, he decided to found the company Whoopi & Maya, which was intended to offer natural and safe relief for menstrual cramps. Currently, said company has ceased its activity due to different disagreements in the board of directors, which led to the departure of Goldberg.

Medical marijuana, an industry that does not stop growing

The recognition of the United Nations (UN) in relation to the therapeutic properties of cannabis, in addition to the numerous legal advances achieved in countries such as Canada or the United States, has made it possible to medical marijuana has grown into a thriving and potentially successful business especially among the famous. For this reason, the celebrities cited in this article, as well as other highly relevant public figures, have decided to enter a clearly booming sector, which still has many peaks to climb and goals to achieve in the coming years.

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