What’s the best way to cure a hangover?

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Photo of a person lying on the floor with a hangover

The answer came from space. Yes, it is water. Like our planet, our body is made of water and it is the “fuel” of functions. hepatic and diuretic. The ones who end up doing all the dirty work after your party.

What’s the best way to cure a hangover?… It occurs to me to make the suggestions from the moment of this hangover: before, during and after. If it is true that these solutions become essential when waking up, when everything has already passed, rather promulgating a certain respect for this state from its conception, when the moment of relaxation is programmed and from there to him before going to bed, will surely relieve your restful sleep and reconditioning your body when you have to get back to your life.

Likewise, water is the protagonist, the dynamic works as if any liquid that enters must come out as quickly as possible, to avoid more intense effects later. Movement, laughter, and controlled ventilation also add to the mystical tricks that must be present all the time, to “distract” the body from any unwanted symptoms.

A healthy and balanced diet, as well as optimal physical condition are enough for your physiology to function perfectly. If you are a person who cares about your quality of life, you certainly don’t have crazy hangover stories because these people are rewarded and released toxins more efficiently by their own body than other careless sedentary people. But they can also come out smarter and overcome their uncomfortable lethargy in a variety of ways.

⭐ A few hours before …

No matter what you have had the opportunity to consume, alcohol will always be the main actor in our discomfort due to its enteric toxicity, so this one defeated, getting rid of other substances will only require a few extra hours of sleep. It is advisable not to get carried away by any of them.

The most important at the moment is, as already mentioned, to eat. A powerful protein intake will clearly give you and the rest of your organs plenty of strength to cope with the calorie burn of the holiday. The fruits and vegetables stabilize the liquids inside the body and nuts, half vegetable half protein, vitamin the blood flow. If you keep this in mind during meals leading up to the event, you will feel much better.

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⛳ During the bohemian, social gathering, dinner, party and / or evening

Here we go back to H2O, we have to excrete to the maximum and unless it is beer, spirits and effusivity forget the diuretic functions and manage to store a lot of urine, not realizing that the greater the retention of fluids, the greater the toxicity in the body. Ideally, you should have a clear idea of ​​your periodic water intake during the day and supplement it with vegetable milkshakes to prepare your lower ways and functions, but then start as soon as you know it, if you hadn’t planned it either and fell victim to the spontaneity of your friends.

Technically speaking, it is true that the mixture of different colors of alcohol overloads your head to the maximum in the hangover. Just like the very short intervals between each drink, the alternation or combination with carbonated or sugary drinks (especially if they are energizing), the extremely high volume of music and the prolonged fast.

On the other hand, refreshing yourself with isotonic and instant moisturizing drinks, going out for some fresh air if you are in a room, drinking a well-loaded espresso or lemonade, and chewing gum, will be more effective while you are enjoying yourself. have fun, than to put your trust in it the next day.

And speaking of food, the history of banquets has been written in abundance of food and drink in celebrations and although minimalism and sobriety describes some modern day events, or simply the occasion hasn’t come for more, do not make food part of the celebration will make a difference when you wake up the next day. Eat just once before everything.

✨ What did you do? What are you going to do now?

Let me smile. A good plan. First of all, understand that like depression this is all going to happen, pay close attention to my routine. If you’re one of those people who can’t just have breakfast and sleep until the evening, and you also need to present yourself impeccably before any homework, take note:

  • Sleep, do this at least 4 hours to recover physically, the delay of alcohol in your blood may be responsible for keeping you alert if you have had a good breakfast.
  • Of effervescent pain relievers or fruit salts just before bed will help you detoxify the next day.
  • Just in case the headache symptom is debilitating, take a ibuprofen 800. This drug is not recommended for its intervention on the kidneys, so avoid it, it would be much better and never take it on an empty stomach.
  • Cold shower first, until the pores close, then soap and rinse with hot water.
  • Eggs More than three, if you’re a grown man and are going to need to move during the day, scrambled eggs are an energy bomb, ask athletes. Remember that at this point already, eating too much will make you drowsy, so measure yourself.
  • One coffee, but only one. Hydrating drinks or fruit juices are more effective.
  • Burning a few calories works. Performing a short but concise activating exercise routine, using the bike to get around, swimming a bit, or just walking, will have a placebo effect on your well-being as you start your day.
  • Nothing more practical than nuts in your pocket. In addition it works very well with the stench.
  • Remember the good times without being distracted from last night. Relive them with someone if possible, the oxytocin that is produced is very beneficial in disguising your “normal” state.
  • Prepare a Bloody mary if you have the chance, quite a luxury!
Infographic of what is best to cure a hangover
Infographic of what is best to cure a hangover


👌 Conclusion

You will surely find many links in the search engine, with advice of all kinds or the same advice that did not work for you, the truth is that this detox syndrome manifests itself in different ways in each body and with a different intensity, above all.

As a superman, it is not enough to eat well, it will only keep your physical energy available. Balance theories encompass all aspects of existence and this balance will put your body at risk whenever you overdo it. So a monitored daily life, well suggested, a few moments of spirituality per day, movement, the availability of nutrients … that a few drinks do not suggest otherwise. Come on. Up!

Alan Martínez Benito

Alan Martínez Benito

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In constant struggle for the regulation of cannabis, mainly in the medical field.
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