What kind of marijuana seeds are there?

We humans have planted marijuana for different purposes over thousands of years. There is written record that as early as 2,737 BC people were cultivating cannabis for medicinal use, even spiritual. What’s more, the fiber has been used for clothing, rope and paper, and the oil from the seeds can be used as fuel and to prepare livestock feed.

The fact is that there are a multitude of purposes and properties associated with marijuana. The plant has far exceeded the boundaries of time to reach our days and spread throughout the planet.

We can find thousands of seeds and types of cannabis sativa, better known as marijuana. Is a sexual plant because it requires pollination from the male to the female plant. From pollination seeds are born with the genetic information of their parents. Therefore, when you consider growing marijuana, it is very important that you know what are the properties, differences and benefits of each variety of seeds, since neither the plants are all the same nor are their fruits. However, all plants are capable of producing marijuana medicinal O cannabis medicinal.

We can basically divide cannabis seeds into two large groups: the photodependientes and the autoflowering. Although any marijuana plant needs light to be able to grow and flourish, the big difference between the two types is that photodependent plants grow, or bloom, depending on the light they receive and autoflowering plants do so regardless of the hours of light they receive. have.

How are the seeds photodependientes?

Marijuana plants from seeds photodependientes cThey include some features. They begin to bloom when they are adults. If you grow them indoors it is easier to control the doses of light, in their growth stage They need about 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness, on the other hand, when they enter the flowering phase They require twelve hours of light and twelve hours of darkness.

People who plant marijuana can obtain mother plants from practically all photodependent varieties, and from there make our own cuttings.

The seeds of the photodependent ones can be feminized or regular.

What are seeds feminized photodependents?

We can get seeds from marijuana photodependientes feminized from the pollination of the flower of a plant that is female with pollen from a reverted male, that is, a female that has been converted to a male through plant thiosulfate or STS.

At the same time, we can cross the pollen of a reverted male with a female plant flower of the same genetics, or we can cross it with a female of a different genetics. Usually, if they share genetics we will get more stable seeds.

The seeds of feminized photodependent plants allow us to optimize our crops, since as all the seeds that we will plant will be female we will make sure that the material will be the same and we will not have to discard the males. We can also maintain greater control of the size of the plants, since they will flower or grow depending on the hours of light that we provide them, we can adjust the times well. If you do the cultivation correctly, in thirty days this seed will grow into an adult plant.

What benefits do I get if I use seeds photodependientes feminized?

  1. You get very productive plantations.
  2. Growth is very controlled.
  3. You are sure that all of them are female.
  4. They are ideal for planting outdoors, we can do it for so many so we can harvest while the others grow and bloom.

How are the seeds photodependientes regular?

In this case, the females are pollinated with the pollen that has formed in the unreverted male plants. It is important that when you know what sex is each plant, separate them and get rid of the males if you don’t want to create new hybrids. Normally, of the cross we make, half are female and half male. It is important that you take this into account to plant twice as many seeds, because you will keep half when they flower.

What are the advantages of seeds photodependientes regular?

  1. We get a great genetic variety and create unique varieties.
  2. We can make our own crosses.

How are the seeds of autoflorecientes marijuana?

When it comes to cultivating marijuana medicinalIn the seed banks we can find those that are known as autoflowering, that is, they bloom automatically.

Can be of three types:

  1. They are born from the crossing of photodependents with Rudelaris: they bloom when their hormones mature regardless of the light they have.
  2. Seeds that come from crossing photodependent with autoflowering.
  3. Those that we get by crossing some autoflowering with other autoflowering ones.

Normally, almost all autoflowering they are female, since they are crops designed for smaller spaces in which we are interested in optimal medicinal cannabis productions.

What are the advantages of autoflowering?

  1. They are fast. If we plant them at the beginning of the season, which usually begins in March, the rate is three times higher than that of the photodependent ones.
  2. They are not very tall.
  3. They are very easy to grow.
  4. We can plant them at any time of the year, as long as we have good weather conditions, around fifteen degrees. Of course, during the season is when we will optimize production the most.


When we buy one type or another of seeds, it is interesting that we take into account different factors. If the cultivation of our marijuana medicinal we want to do it inside or outside. It depends on where we do it, we will be more interested in one type of plant or another, since we can also buy fast-flowering feminized seeds, for example.

Another factor to take into account is the surface we have. Autoflowering, for example, are very suitable for small spaces, however, photodependent ones are more productive.

So, depending on our space, the harvest we want to achieve, the weather conditions of the outdoor crops and the time we can dedicate to them, we will be interested in planting one type of seed or another.

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