what it is and what its effects are.

Suppose we come across a group of people who have been smoking pot for a long time. And what do we say to them: “You go up to the eyebrows of THC”.

It is almost certain that one of them will ask: «And what is THC?»

Then your colleagues, whether or not they know what the THCThey will probably repeat the question several times, because it seems like a very funny and witty question, and they will begin to laugh without judgment or measure, until they get one of those brief moments of lucidity and reflection.

So, for all those who do not know yet, we are going to explain in detail what is the THC from marijuana:

What is THC

Very simple: the THC it is just an abbreviation of a word that is quite difficult to pronounce, especially if you have smoked marijuana before. We refer to tetrahidrocannabinol. Seems like a tongue twister but it’s not.

The tetrahidrocannabinol o THC It is one of the many active principles that the marijuana plant contains, and to be specific, it is the specific cause of the psychoactive and narcotic effects of maría. Hereinafter, for simplicity, we will use the abbreviation THC instead of the full name.

What are the effects of THC

Marijuana users know the effects of this herb very well. But to speak properly, these effects are not caused by the plant itself, but by the THC activo containing.

For the uninitiated, we list what are the top ten psychoactive effects What can cause the THC:

  • Unjustified and uncontrolled propensity for laughter
  • Cognitive distortion of distances and time
  • Psychomotor incoordination
  • Difficulty speaking and vocalizing
  • Impossibility to reason and learn
  • Intermittent memory leaks
  • Difficulty performing simple tasks

At doses too high for the consumer’s tolerance level, dizziness and dizziness, severe tachycardia, paranoid ideas, panic and anxiety attacks, aggressiveness, fainting spells and even death can occur in the event of a severe overdose.

How to reduce the effects on the body

The most dangerous effects of marijuana have their origin, precisely, in the inability to accurately calculate the amount of THC consumed.

Depending on the variant of the plant, the parts used, and the cultivation parameters, one plant can have up to 5 times more THC than another.

If the consumer has his own plants for self-consumption, he more or less knows how far he can go, since all his plants have a similar level of the psychoactive THC.

The problems come when the herb is acquired from third parties, without having any idea of ​​its origin or its potency, that is, how much THC that pot has. Not counting on the possibility that it has been imbibed with other unknown substances, before drying it, to multiply the psychoactive effect of THC and make it more addictive.

When one of these cases occurs, everyone pretends to know some trick to lower the “trumpet”: drink water, eat, rest, walk, drink coffee, pepper and lemon, lie down, breathe deeply, etc. If we analyze them, they are exactly the same as those indicated for an alcoholic binge and they do not work. With marijuana, they don’t work either.

There is even talk of the effectiveness of CBD (the active principle in hemp) to reduce the effects of a “high” of maría. At the moment, we do not have a single scientific data that confirms this conjecture, nor do we know where it came from, in addition to the fact that the indication lacks any logic.

The reality is that, like alcohol and other drugs, THC has its own organic elimination time, and until this happens, any effort will be wasted.

Finally, if we see that someone feels really bad After consuming marijuana, the most reasonable thing to do is take it to a medical center as soon as possible. You should not play with fire, and neither should you play with marijuana.

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