Fusarium fungus in marijuana: how can we fight it?

Among the diseases to which the marijuana plant is susceptible, fusariosis, caused by hongo fusariumIt is one of the most common and that most worries growers.

This fungal disease must be prevented in any cannabis cultivation, as it affects the root of the plant and rots it. How to eliminate fusarium?

What is fusarium

Fusarium is a type of fungus that can even be present in humans, causing skin and nail conditions.

In marijuana plants particularly affects roots and stems, both in indoor, greenhouse and outdoor crops, and whatever the substrate (soil, coconut, hydro).

The substrate is precisely its habitat, where it lives on decomposing organic matter.

How this fungus affects marijuana

Fusarium disease will occur when the pathogen rots the root, producing vascular wilting and affecting the stem.

Fusarium is easily dispersed as lhe spores travel through water, wind and nematodes, making prevention essential.

Usually the warning signs are presented as a brown spot on the stem. A marchitamiento which generally occurs branch by branch. The leaves may turn yellow.

A less frequent symptom is the so-called stem cancer, in which sporulation is seen, sometimes in intense colors.

How to combat the fusarium fungus in marijuana plants

Due to its rapid development, the fusarium fungus can quickly cause the death of your plants, so preventing its appearance is essential.

Prevent fusarium

You must keep the grow room clean (or greenhouse, or outdoor planting), free of fallen leaves. Make sure you always enter with clean clothes and, above all, do not enter with shoes from the street and wash your hands.

The cultivation tools must be sterilized, as well as the pots, and be very careful if you use homemade compost. You will need to make sure that it has completed the entire composting cycle.

Use spray products to keep the plant healthy. The anti-stress products they are the most appropriate.

Apply natural enemies fusarium. The most effective is Tricoma or Trichoderma fungus, applied in each transplant and avoiding fungicides. Other enemies of fusarium are Citrus paradisi, Bacillus subtilis strain QST 713, and Streptomyces griseoviridis.

How to kill fusarium

Once it appears the most important thing is act as fast as possible, eliminating the plant with immediate priority, so that the rest of the crop can move on and offer a quality marijuana crop.

In short, the fusarium fungus produces one of the most frequent and feared diseases in marijuana plants, both in indoor and outdoor crops. It is important to avoid excess humidity and keep the growing area extremely clean to prevent this fungus from spreading. The use of natural enemies such as Trichoma is a good way to prevent fungal infection, which once it appears must be completely eliminated.

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