What is the Barcelona “Spannabis” Cannabis Cup?

Spannabis is a international fair dedicated to cannabis which takes place every spring in Barcelona. Established since the early 2000s in a country that has yet to fully legalize cannabis, the fair has become one of the world’s benchmarks and attracts visitors from all over the world. The gratin of the European cannabis sector is obviously also found there. So what are Spannabis et sa Cannabis Cup, who organizes them and what can we find there as visitors? This is what we will explain to you right away.

Spannabis: the biggest cannabis fair

Spannabis and its Cannabis Cup take place every year in Barcelona

Spannabis is a fair entirely dedicated to cannabis which has been held in Barcelona every year since 2002. From the relatively confidential event organized by a group of young enthusiasts, Spannabis quickly established itself as a must-see fair in Europe and then, little by little, throughout the world with more and more more representatives of the American market now present. According to the organizers, the “Spannabis” cannabis cup is now the biggest cannabis fair in the world, and definitely the most important on a European scale.

The last edition which was held physically, in 2019, thus welcomed 25,000 visitors, 4,000 accredited professionals and more than 300 exhibitors. After having to cancel its 2020 edition due to the Covid-19 epidemic, Spannabis is back in 2021 for a virtual edition, accessible online March 26 and 27, 2021 for a ticket of 6 €. If sanitary conditions allow, a very real edition is also scheduled for October 8, 9 and 10 in Barcelona.

What does the Spanish law say about cannabis?

Legal cannabis in Spain is still a utopia. However, the country has a very special relationship with the plant, a sort of incessant “I love you, me neither” which gives it a special role within the European Union (EU). It welcomes in particular Cannabis Social Clubs since the early 1990s, non-profit associations in which it is possible to freely consume marijuana. The presence of Spannabis on Spanish soil is therefore not really surprising.

Who organizes the Spannabis Cannabis Cup?

Originally Spannabis, or rather ” The Hemp Fair ”(The hemp fair), is a Spanish SME based in Madrid. According to the description proposed by the company itself, it is composed of a group of young people from web, communication and design, gathered around the organization of events and the publication of magazines. In fact, if you dig a little deeper, you realize that Spannabis is only the tip of the iceberg since the company is also at the origin of dedicated publications: Cannabis Magazine, El Cultivador (free magazine), Global Hemp Guide and Guía del cáñamo, a guide to cannabis in Portugal and Spain.

The World Cannabis conferences and the Spannabis Champions Cup also revolve around the fair, both an integral part of its success and events in the event. Following the growing success of La Feria del Cáñamo, the company was acquired in early 2019 by the American group High Times, at the origin of the famous magazine of the same name. The transaction ended in the tidy sum of US $ 8 million (around 7 million euros).

What can you find at Spannabis?

You can find absolutely everything at Spannabis, as long as there is a link (even a close one) with cannabis, legal or not. In this, Spannabis offers a hybrid concept that borrows from trade fairs, conferences and other conference cycles as well as festivals with more playful ambitions.

Stands dedicated to the cultivation of cannabis

At Spannabis, you can find all kinds of items dedicated to cannabis cultivation.
At Spannabis, you can find all kinds of items dedicated to cannabis cultivation.

Spannabis is above all the gathering of more than 300 exhibitors working daily on the cultivation or creation of cannabis-derived products. Among them, we find in particular:

  • Cannabis seed banks (European and American),
  • Sellers of cultivation equipment,
  • Cannabinoid cosmetics developers,
  • Companies creating fabric, shoes or clothing,
  • Retailers of accessories related to the consumption of cannabis (grinders, pipes, etc.).


The ICBC (International Cannabis Business Conference) has, over the years, become the main event of the fair for professionals. The fair also offers a full cycle of conferences, brought together under the name of World Cannabis Conferences. They are generally spread over two days and bring together scientists, representatives of the medical profession and politicians.

Cannabis Cup

The Spannabis Cannabis Cup rewards the best cannabis strains, especially those rich in CBD
The Spannabis Cannabis Cup rewards the best cannabis strains, especially those rich in CBD

A highly anticipated Spannabis event is their cannabis cup, or Spannabis Champions Cup. Equivalent to the Oscars for the cannabis sector, this competition awards a prize and prizes to best cannabis strains tested among the samples submitted to the jury’s vote.

In 2019, the last edition to have taken place before the Covid-19 pandemic, the categories were:

In addition to these main categories, whose winner leaves with a trophy and a check for € 2,500, a price is given to the sample with highest concentration of CBD, to the one with the highest concentration of THC as well as to the sample of BHO (cannabis resin extracted with butane) with the least residue.

legal advice

With the development of the cannabis market and the explosion of the sale of CBD in Europe despite a legal framework to say the least vague, Spannabis had the excellent idea of ​​offering its participants a center dedicated to legal advice. It makes it possible to ensure what it is possible or not to do when it concerns the cannabis sector. The legal advice, offered free of charge, concern both Spain and other European countries.

Music and catering

Finally, Spannabis also wants to be a meeting and relaxation place for cannabis lovers. Numerous food stands and a stage have thus been set up for the occasion, with a beautiful program largely centered around reggae and ska. Damian Marley, son of Bob Marley, notably participated in the 2019 edition.

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