What does the term munchies mean

Even people who have never smoked marijuana know the cliché that smoking produces a great feeling of hunger. It is about the famous munchies, that need to want to eat everything you come across, especially junk food.

Regardless of eating habits or cultural factors, munchies force everyone to attack foods like chocolate, sweets, hamburgers, ice cream or snacks.

What are munchies

The word Munchies originates from the English verb To munch, which means something like chewing loud and fast.

Although not all people feel the same way munchies de marihuana, which will depend a lot on the metabolism of each one, the truth is that they are quite common. Is a feeling of ravenous appetite.

Munchies are, therefore, among the different effects of using marijuana, so if you smoke for the first time, or are not familiar with cannabis, it is something you should count on. But why does it happen?

Why does smoking marijuana produce this effect on us

Why is smoking joints hungry? The reason for the appearance of munchies is that some cannabinoids can influence the signals emitted by neurons called Proopiomelanocortinas (POMC), which are the ones that send the brain sign of satiety.

In addition to this, one of the effects of cannabis is to enhance our senses, which includes the smell, which is directly linked to appetite.

It should also be noted that the THC of marijuana, although it produces a sensation of relaxation, at the same time it speeds up the heart, which makes the body demand energy.

How can we satisfy this need?

If they give you the munchies, you should choose the foods that will help you overcome them the most, among which are the chocolate (the better the higher the cocoa concentration) and the has (black, green or mango).

It is best to try get distracted, some games between friends are the ideal to pass the munchies. If you don’t have that option, you can go for a walk or play sports.

It’s best to prevent Munchies

To try to avoid the feeling of uncontrollable hunger before it appears, it is best to drink a lot of water, to have the brain tricked, causing the sensation of having a full stomach.

Actually, this is your best option, because stopping the temptation to eat once it arrives is quite difficult, so it is best to try to prevent it. Little by little you will learn to know your munchies and the best way to manage them.

In short, munchies are nothing more than side effects of cannabis consumption, and their arrival means the appearance of a feeling of uncontrolled hunger with a great appetite for sweet foods, particularly chocolate. This reaction is due to the effect of marijuana on the brain mechanisms that control the feeling of satiety. It is best to choose to prevent its appearance with a balanced diet and drinking plenty of water. Once they appear, high cocoa chocolate and tea are good alternatives.

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