What are the most common causes of starting to smoke marijuana

The bad press of marijuana in Spain, makes many people well thought out wonder why some people have fallen into what they consider a vice or drug addiction.

In the same way, some sporadic or habitual users no longer remember when or for what reason they entered the world of cannabis, nor do they know why they continue to use.

The truth is that the causes of smoking marijuana are very varied, and most of the time, consumption responds to more than one of them.

When do you usually start trying marijuana

Obviously, you can start smoking marijuana at all stages of life. However, studies carried out by the Spanish Ministry of Health indicate that there are three prevalent stages:

  1. Adolescence (although in conflictive social environments it is ahead of preadolescence).
  2. Early youth (between 20 and 25 years of age)
  3. Last stage of middle age (from the age of 50, for analgesic or therapeutic purposes).

These studies indicate that the possibility of developing addiction increases the lower the age of initiation of use. However, there are abundant cases of people who do not develop it, and who have continued consumption since adolescence with a sporadic pattern. That is, they do not use marijuana on a daily basis.

Common causes of marijuana use

Perhaps the right question is not what causes marijuana use, but what are the causes of marijuana use. Because the cause of the start of consumption does not have to coincide with the one that causes the user to end up smoking pot on a regular basis.

The main cause of the start of consumption is the environment: moving in environments where marijuana smokers accentuate the desire to imitate, it is seen as a way of integrating into groups, one is curious to try something new and the happy effects of the ‘highs’ invite to repeat the experience.

Once started, you continue to smoke for one (or more) of the following reasons:

  1. For its relaxing effects.
  2. For recreational purposes, due to its psychoactive action.
  3. Pain relief and treatment of some diseases.
  4. Because an addiction has developed.

The last point is easy to check: anyone who has difficulty not using marijuana for 24 hours must suspect that they are addicted.

Marijuana and the enhancement of creativity

The enhancement of creativity is a cause that many writers, musicians and artists adduce to justify the use of marijuana.

This can be very true, as long as the dosage is moderate, since too extensive smokes end up producing effects that are incompatible with the use of keyboards, pens, brushes and musical instruments.

After this reflection on the causes and effects of marijuana, we suggest a mental exercise, as long as you consume marijuana regularly or sporadically:

Have you ever wondered what was the initial and real cause of you starting to smoke it? Why do you continue to consume?

Reflect on the subject thoroughly and bring out your memories, because it is very possible that you will be surprised with the final conclusion of the reflection.

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