A small step towards the regulation of cannabis for medicinal purposes in congress

Good smoke positronic people! We bring you this news that means a small advance for the cannabis sector, and that is that the congress has approved a proposal of the PNV to create a Health subcommittee to analyze international experiences of regulation of cannabis for medicinal use. It is the closest we have come to legalizing consumption for medical purposes

The proposal has been approved by the support of all parties except PP and VOX, which are opposed to creating this subcommittee, since they do not believe that it is the moment.

The PNV proposal consists of “analyzing the experiences promoted by the governments of different countries in the regulation of cannabis for medical use, as well as the existing scientific evidence in this regard (…). Its purpose will be to know those experiences, as well as listen to the voices of as many agents as deemed appropriate so that, in a rigorous and scientific way, it helps us to advance in the necessary legislative changes and respond to so many people and groups of patients, as well. as medical and scientific professionals who demand its regulation ”.

Furthermore, support for regulation by society is almost total. In the case of therapeutic regulation, there is 90% support and in the case of comprehensive regulation, there is 48% support (with 40% against)

Without a doubt, it is noteworthy that the defenders of the regulation denounce the incongruity of the government, since it allows the cultivation of cannabis in our country to export it abroad, while denying the scientific evidence. “It makes no sense here that they tell us no while they export to other countries,” says Carola Pérez, president of the Spanish Observatory of Medicinal Cannabis (OECM) and one of the people who has worked the most for a regulation of cannabis for therapeutic purposes.

Pérez and the OECM, like several parties in the Chamber, defend a comprehensive regulation as a concept, but at the same time they are aware that it has a lot of resistance in Spain and they believe that starting with the therapeutic is a principle. “We are millions of people who live with pain, we need this regulation,” explains Pérez. “But seeing that even the Collegiate Medical Organization continues to say that there is no evidence …” We only want – he explains in relation to the approved subcommittee – that the experts be heard. ” And ditch: “That today the legalization was not even voted, we ask for a wink only.”

The European Observatory for the Consumption and Cultivation of Cannabis (OECCC) issued a statement in which it celebrates the opening of the sub-commission and asks that “future regulation is to help people and not companies.”

What do you think of this first step for regulation?

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