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Within a plant crop there may be fungi that benefit the optimal growth and development of plants. One of the most Popular is the fungus Trichoderma harzianum. Trichoderma fungi are found in the substrate of plants and symbiotically benefit plants in several ways.

Today’s article will talk about the different properties that trichoderma fungi have harzianum in marijuana. These compounds can be highly favorable to the roots, which are the bases of plants, so it is useful to know how they act on crops in order to take advantage of and increase crop yields.

What are trichoderma harzianum mushrooms?

First of all, it is very important to explain what trichoderma fungi are, as well as to describe the specific relationship they have with plants. Trichoderma mushrooms are a type of ascomycete fungus of the hypocreaceae family that inhabits the earth and that act as natural biological agents against a large number of elements that are harmful to plants.

In addition to this, the fungi Trichoderma harzianum in marijuana offer more fully biological benefits, as they stimulate plant growth, thus helping to create a healthier crop that is prone to producing better crops. In short, this type of fungus is the perfect battle companion for Cannabis, by protecting it and stimulating its growth.

Is aboutThe most versatile, useful and varied mushroom that exists in the soil and is not pathogenic of any type of plant species. There are more than 90 different trichoderma fungi and each one of them stimulates a different aspect of the plants. They all have in common that they create symbiotic relationships with plants and stimulate the absorption of nutrients by plants.

The roots are one of the great beneficiaries of the symbiosis between trichoderma fungi and plants. This class of fungi is capable of acting as a natural rooting agent, favoring the development of the roots, as well as the development of the root villi, responsible for the absorption of mineral salts from the soil.

Trichoderma fungi can be acquire in powder or liquid formor and add them in the crop. In addition, they have a strong resistance to pesticides, so it can be used in a complementary way with most antiplagas that can be used in plant crops such as Cannabis.

What are trichoderma harzianum mushrooms for?

They have already mentioned some of the most common uses of trichoderma fungi. In this way, they are powerful natural rooting agents and can help plants to stimulate their growth by assisting in the absorption of the most important nutrients present in the substrate.

Trichoderma fungi in marijuana are also very useful for treating cryptogamic diseases, which are commonly known as crop-damaging fungi. Trichoderma can be useful against microparasites by producing enzymes that damage the cell walls of the harmful element.

On the other hand, the fungus Trichoderma harzianum can also take action against another class of harmful fungi as is the case with Botrytis. Botrytis is a pathogenic fungus that affects many plant and animal species. In horticulture this fungus harmful to plants is also known as gray fungus.

In addition to the antifungal action that the trichoderma fungus can carry out, the most important function of this compound is optimally stimulate plant development. This type of fungi is part of what is known as substrate life and restores root health to ensure healthy plant growth.

The absorption of nutrients is another aspect that is reinforced with the use of trichoderma fungus in crops. In this way, nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus are absorbed by the plant in a better way with the existence of this fungus and trace elements such as manganese and zinc as well.

The roots are highly benefited from the trichoderma fungus. In addition to stimulating their growth, this compound can help the water retention of the root system. This means that the plants can have better resistance to long periods of drought, one of the most common problems in plants grown in dry climates.

In the same way that the trichoderma harzianum fungus is useful to fight common diseases in plants such as Cannabis. Por ejemplo, la Phytophthora, Rhizoctonia, Sclerotium, Pythium and Fusarium are susceptible to being attacked by this beneficial fungi for crops. Parasitic nematodes can also be killed by this fungus, which effectively traps them in their hyphae.

It is essential that trichoderma fungi invade the roots of the crop during the first moments of cultivation. In this way, if this type of fungus is applied during the first rooting moments of the seedling, the roots begin to receive the benefits of the trichoderma from the beginning.

Some of the Best Products for Crops with Trichoderma

In Natural Experience it is possible to find two of the best products on the market with trichoderma harzianum. Each of them is indicated to a different type of growing need, but both can provide all the benefits that this group of mushrooms can provide to the crop.

Feeding Bio Enhance

First of all, it is worth highlighting the organic fertilizer for organic plant crops Bio Enhance from the Feeding range of Greenhouse Seeds. This manufacturer is popular for its extremely high-quality collectable Cannabis seeds, the product of years and years of traveling to find the best possible genetics.

Now they also present their line of additives, substrates and fertilizers for Cannabis and the Feeding Bio Enhancer stands out within this line of fertilizers for its 100% natural formula, without chemicals and full of the fungus Trichoderma harzianum ready to benefit the plants of the food enthusiast. crops.

In addition to the trichoderma harzianum fungus, this product is rich in humic acids, seaweed extracts, nutrients and all trace elements necessary for a plant to achieve explosive growth. It is a complete elixir that will result in more vigorous, beautiful and more productive plants.

The use of Feeding Bio enhancer fertilizers with trichoderma harzianum also protects the plant from attack by others. harmful fungi like fusarium, while improving plant nutrient uptake. As a result, the final harvests will be more abundant and with better organoleptic properties.

The use of this fertilizer rich in trichoderma harzianum it is simple and its use is suitable for all levels of cultivation. It does not matter if the grower is experienced and just started, he will simply have to mix the product with the irrigation water in a proportion of 1 gram for each liter of water used. It can also be used foliar, to give the leaves an extra boost.

Trichoderma harzianum fungus on a tree trunk


Terra Aquatica, one of the most prestigious manufacturers of fertilizers for hydroponics, presents another very remarkable product within the panorama of 100% organic products for cultivation with the presence of Trichoderma. This is the case of Trikologic, a fertilizer rich in beneficial fungi for plants, which will be the great door for trichoderma to invade the roots of the plants and begin to work in symbiosis with them.

It’s a microbial inoculant that will break down the composition from the substrate of the plants to convert it into nutrients and stimulate the growth of the crop, in a totally natural way, since the formula of this product is 100% made with natural ingredients that come from decomposition. This is the best way to ensure that the organoleptic properties of the plants are not affected,

This product will introduce a beneficial fungal colony that will provide permanent plant care. It is a solution that works especially well in hydroponic crops, since it is a hydro-fertilizer suitable for nutritive solutions.

Again, the use of Trikologic is simple and can be used throughout the plant life cycle without contraindications. It is perfect to use on sprouts and seedlings, since trichodermas are introduced from the first moments of the plants, and it has already been seen that this is very beneficial. It can also be used on adult plants to enhance their flowering.

The dissolution of this product should be done every 6 in 8 weeksIn the case of adult plants, 10 grams of Trikologic must be dissolved for every 150 liters of water. In the case of young plants, 1 gram of product for every 15-20 liters of water.

Conclusion on Trichoderma Harzianum

As has been seen throughout this article, the use of beneficial mushrooms for marijuana Like Trichoderma Harzianum at key moment, it is great for enhancing vigorous growth and promoting explosive plant flowering.

It is totally advisable to use this type of fungus on plants and there are no contraindications for its use. In addition, Trichoderma harzianum is not pagan for any species of plants, so it cannot produce negative effects in any type of cultivation.

Growers who are inexperienced in the use of this mushroom have nothing to worry about. The products with trichoderma present in Natural Experience they are simple to use and do not present difficulties for use, simply follow the instructions for use to the letter.

If this type of stimulant has not yet been tried in cultivation, it is time to do it. Especially now, when organic crops are experiencing excellent times and there are a large number of followers of this type of cultivation. Best of all, this type of product respects the organoleptic properties of plants without modifying flavor and aromas.

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