The Sad Story of the Procks and Losing Your Toddler Over Having Cannabis Locked in Your Trunk


Cannabis Prohibition is Evil!


There are probably a million different reasons I could give you as to ‘Why’, but today we’re going to talk about the Procks.


Imagine that you’re traveling with your family, just you and your spouse and your 18-month-old baby to your in laws who lives in another state. In your home state, it’s legal to have cannabis and it’s been legal for a while now.


Your general paranoia and fear of law enforcement has waned over the past few years, cannabis after all – is a personal choice.


And so, when a state trooper approaches you over the “smell of marijuana”, you thought – “why not be honest…after all, most people don’t have a problem with cannabis…”


Except, you’re in Alabama, and here cannabis is considered as dangerous as heroin.


So the next thing you know, you’re busted by the State Trooper, and what’s worse – your kid is taken into child protective services because the fact that you had weed on you, you somehow “endangered your child” simply because of proximity to the plant.


Not to mention, the cannabis you were carrying – was locked in the trunk of your car!


Yet according to Alabama, that is “felony chemical endangerment” and so the state has the “legal right” to take your kid.


If this sounds like a crock of shit….welcome to the world of the Procks!


Why legalism is the reason the Nazis could do all their evil without a challenge!


Do you know what was one of the main excuses of the Nazis when justifying their horrific acts?


“I was just following orders…”


Just like the Alabama State trooper was “just enforcing the law” and the prosecutors are also “just following orders” as they cause severe psychological damage to an infant simply because “plant is bad!”


Am I equating the Alabama state government to be similar to Nazis?


Why of course I am!


Alabama’s outdated laws have no basis in science and is merely being upheld due to ideological reasons. But then again, we cannot entirely blame Alabama for this atrocity.


We have a conflicted reality in the United States – FEDERAL PROHIBITION!


The Divided States of America


Over the past decade, the United States has taken significant strides in legalizing cannabis. However, this effort has largely been executed at a state level.


Due to the fact that Cannabis is classified as a “Schedule I substance” according to the Controlled Substance Act, right next to heroin – the possession, transportation, cultivation and consumption of cannabis is illegal.


The only reason why the federal government isn’t cracking down on individuals in legal states is because they don’t have the human resources to pull it off.


Since legal states prohibit their law enforcement officers to go after licensed dispensaries and farms, the federal government cannot use State Resources to go after these operations.


Thereby rendering them essentially “incapable of stopping the legalization”.


However, due to the federal scheduling of cannabis – states like Alabama can enforce these draconian policies of “legal child abduction” simply because there aren’t any federal consumer protections.


Will the Biden Admin Decriminalize?


While the President keeps on talking about “decriminalization”, the fact of the matter is that these words have no weight.


Biden doesn’t like cannabis. He never has, and he never will.


For him, cannabis and other “drugs” was his bread and butter. It’s the platform he used to build up his political career.


If Biden were to flip the script on his drug position, it would mean that his entire career is a sham where he pushed policies that hurt minorities, inflated the police state, and helped create the black market worth billions per year.


Wouldn’t look good on his “presidential record” admitting he fucked up on the most grandest of scales now would it?


Biden has mentioned decriminalization, but we also know that he wants to “de-schedule cannabis” to “Schedule-II” which would make it essentially a pharma crop due to the strict regulatory requirements of Schedule-II.


Additionally, the Biden administration according to them have “more important things to do…” and “cannabis isn’t a priority”.


Of course, this made Kamala Harris look like a fool since she was “sponsoring a bill to end prohibition” prior to being elected vice President. She had to take one for the “team”.


What this means for us normal folk is that “they won’t do shit about legalizing it” and that people like the Procks simply need to “follow the rules”.


Even if these rules can be manipulated to forcefully, separate an infant from their family. Even if these rules come at the expense of the people. Even if these rules will now give the Procks a Felony record forever tarnishing their ability to get loans and employment.


Guess those Americans are simply “not as important” as other Americans?


The Sticky Bottom Line


Don’t be fooled into thinking that atrocities don’t occur anymore simply because most people are in support of weed.


Alabama and other prohibition states continue to deprive people of their liberty over the use and possession of a simple plant.


It’s cases like these we need to remember when drafting these kinds of policies. The law is not helping anyone in this case, it is only achieving further damage to a family because they traveled with a plant.


Sure, one could argue that they should have known that Alabama is so anal about their weed laws. Or that the guy should have denied the cop the right to search his car, to not be so trusting of the police.


However, this misses the point – in 2021, to take someone’s child because they smoke cannabis is kidnapping.


If you’re trying to use the “it’s the law” excuse – just remember, the law isn’t the measure of what is right. There was a time it was legal to own other human beings, and if it still was today – I’m sure Alabama would still have a market for humans.








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