The cultivation of ‘legal marijuana’ grows in Almería to 200 hectares

It makes its way as a complementary plantation to vegetables for medicinal use with a certificate

Industrial hemp, also called medical marijuana, makes its way sotto voce in the Almeria greenhouse. From being a testimonial alternative crop, it has already gone on to have more than 200 hectares between Almería and some tropical areas of Granada, according to an agricultural technician from Almería who specializes in this type of crops, who does not want to reveal his identity due to the chiaroscuro that still surround it. exercise.

There is also more than a hundred producers in the province that they grow this cannabis known as CBD in a reserved area of ​​their greenhouse as a complement to the production of vegetables. This type of plantation for therapeutic use is completely legal now, although the plant must be certified by the European Union and the exploitation controlled by the Civil Guard. In case of doubt, a sample is taken to a laboratory to verify that it is hemp and not drugs.

The boom is such in recent months that, in the Castell de Ferro area of ​​Granada, there have been several robberies in recent times and producers are installing night-time video surveillance equipment. Also in Almería, both in Poniente and Levante, the producers stay at keep watch at night when the harvest is most likely to be stolen. The difference, according to this agricultural technician, between medical hemp and marijuana is that it is a bush and marijuana is a single bud. In fact, a whole market has already been opened for the purchase of these plants for therapeutic use on Internet portals for between 5 and 9 euros. Green Brothers It is one of those companies that markets in the Almeria countryside. The key is that this variety of hemp does not exceed certain tetrahydrocannabinol composition limits, which is the parameter that evaluates whether it is an authorized drug or not. ADS A unique saloon, with all the technology and an exceptional design. This is the Arteon.SPONSORED There’s no one like him

Have now jurisprudence consolidated that legalizes this type of cultivation, although the thread is still very fine to distinguish between industrial production and that which is marketed as drugs. GSG last year announced its project to grow medicinal marijuana wholesale in Almería. His idea, at least a few months ago, was to build a specialized hospital for the research of new treatments and therapies based on the use of CBD, the oil extracted from the hemp plant.

“We have started and there are ten hectares of cultivation in Retamar,” he explained then Antonio Veiga, President of GSG, which located the greenhouse on the road to Cabo de Gata, in the vicinity of Michelin. A legal production that would expand the national map of the 20,000 hectares authorized by the Ministry of Health.

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