The correct irrigation water temperature for cannabis plants ✅

Watering your crop is essential. But not only consistency is important; the irrigation water temperature so is it. This is one of the problems that growers who lack experience in growing cannabis have. Sometimes, temperature is not usually measured correctly and most of the time it is unknown that many problems have their origin in water. Today we show you how to measure the water temperature correctly and what possible problems can appear as a result of a wrong watering temperature. Go for it!

How to measure the water temperature for irrigation?


Submersible thermometer

Normally, when we water our plants, we grab a watering can or hose and start the work. Very rarely do we stop to think about whether the water temperature is correct or not, when it is a truly important factor.

Very high or very low temperatures can destroy the crop completely. To avoid this, you need to use a water thermometer. There are a large number of thermometers on the market, although you should know that the most effective are those that measure Ec and pH, since these are undoubtedly the most accurate.

Extreme water temperature problems


Very low temperature

The main problem with watering our crops with very cold water is the risk that all the nutrients that the plants need are not absorbed. Watering with cold water is a much more frequent problem than doing it with hot water, since most growers tend to water with tap water that is usually cold, and much more in winter.

For this reason, it is not only essential to have plant watering temperature meters, but several temperature measurement and control instruments, What electroconductivity (Ec) meters or pH meters or digital thermohygrometers that measure the temperature and relative humidity of the environment.

If we water at a temperature of 15ºC or lower, we run the risk of the cannabis roots becoming blocked, which in turn reduces the absorption of phosphorus and leads to a lack of nutrients. One of the symptoms that the plant presents when it is watered with very cold water is that its leaves become darker, with a purple hue, in addition to that its stem looks deteriorated and the leaves break easily.

Very high temperature

As we mentioned earlier, this problem is usually less common than watering with cold water. However, depending on the climate or season of the year, it can happen. When the temperature is very high, the oxygen concentration is lower, which does not allow the plant to absorb the nutrients from the water.

Upon arriving at 20º C the oxygen concentration in water drops markedly from the 9 ppm (parts per million) that it has at that temperature. Once in the 23º C has reached the point of maximum absorption of nutrients. The high temperature has the consequence that the development of the plant slows down and that fungi appear on the roots and the substrate. If the temperature is not corrected in time, the plant can die.

What is the ideal irrigation temperature for marijuana crops?


All crops are different, they have different care, but they have one thing in common: everyone needs water. And it should have a stable temperature without going to the extreme. If we want our crop to grow healthy, strong and give us a very good harvest, it is recommended that the water temperature is within between 20º and 25º C. An ideal temperature would be 23º C. At this point, the oxygen concentration is ideal for your plant, as it will absorb all the nutrients it needs.

Crops on land

As we have commented in the point above, the optimum water temperature for the crop to reach its maximum absorption of nutrients is 23º C. For this reason, it is highly recommended that the water temperature is kept between 20 ° and 23 ° C so that both the assimilation of nutrients and the concentration of oxygen are at their optimal values. Keep in mind that, despite watering it at 20 ° or 23 °, it all depends on the temperature of the crop.

Hydroponic crops

Unlike the cultivation on land, with hydroponic cultivation we do not have the same conditions. In this case, the water is the substrate, since it is always in contact with the roots, and the health of the crop depends largely on the temperature of the water.

With hydroponic crops, the water temperature must be regulated as needed, at 18 ° to form roots, but without absorbing many nutrients. Once they have rooted, the temperature should rise to 23 ° to increase the absorption of nutrients.


It is not only important to water your plants frequently. Remember to pay attention that the irrigation water temperature oscillate between 20th and 25th, establishing your optimal value at 23º C. Temperatures below or above these values ​​can cause your plants not to absorb all the nutrients they need, so this is a factor to take into account when growing cannabis. Learn to control it and you will make your plants grow healthy and strong.

Now is the time to water your plants conscientiously to get a major harvest this season.

At what temperature do you usually water your crops? Do you control the temperature of the irrigation water of your crop or are you one of those who do not give it much importance? If so, Do you manage to have good harvests? Tell us about your experiences in the comments!

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