The best bulb for indoor growing CMH or HPS?

Indoor growing poses all kinds of problems, but fortunately, modern technology has the solutions we are looking for. Arguably the best technology today is CMH (Ceramic Metal Halide). If you are starting with indoor growing and you do not know which bulb to choose, it will be good for you to discover some of the advantages of investing in this technology.

CMH vs HPS bulb

Any normal HPS bulb produces an orange light with very little distribution in its spectrum. The new 600W Spiderlux LEC-CMH produces a much whiter light with a greater spectrum and abundance of red tones. The spectral efficiency of this bulb is unique in the market of technical horticulture.

The CMH 600W E40 bulb increases the production of essential oils, and trichomes, in addition to producing plants with many branches and a much more robust, strong and healthy structure throughout the crop cycle.

With this LED-CMH E40 bulb you will have a unsurpassed light from start to finish, producing super branched plants during vegetative growth and hard and heavy flowers, full of smell and flavor due to their high production of terpenes and trichomes.

It is the only bulb that converts the energy of a conventional ballast and provides optimal levels of spectral energy at all stages of plant growth, both in growth and in flowering.

Advantages of the CMH bulb

LEC identifies ceramic lamps (Light Emiting Ceramic), although they are also known as CMH lamps (Ceramic Metal Halide). Unique construction that reduces the radiant heat of the ceramic arc tube so it is used in reflectors or open luminaires although they are also used in reflectors or refrigerated luminaires.

Next we are going to know some of the advantages that using this type of light bulbs would suppose us:


It has the spectrum that best mimics the sun, that is, it is a very wide spectrum of colors which makes it a perfect light for all stages of growth. Therefore it is great for your plants and your eyesight.

In addition, they are the lamps with the highest PPF index that exists.

Color spectrum CMH bulb
Color spectrum CMH bulb

With these bulbs we get more hours of life, greater illumination, a full spectrum with deep reds and ultraviolet, eliminates shadows in the beam of light emitted, thus achieving more production in your crop.

They have a much higher PAR output per watt than any other type of lighting, leaving out the more expensive LED grow lights.

Color rendering index

They have a more natural CRI, the higher this index, the more realistic things look. CMH grow lights allow you to see the true color of your plants without making your grow area look yellow, blue or purple.


Despite the slightly high price that exists in the market, there are manufacturers such as Spiderlux that bring us LEC-CMH bulbs with a highly recommended quality-price, offering us professional lighting with even better results in quantity and quality.

Cap types

Finally, we have to talk about the different sockets, a very important factor when choosing the bulb for your indoor grow. Among the most relevant bushings on the market we highlight:

  • Double ended. Special double-ended lamps whose nomenclature is popularly known as DE (Double End) bulbs, that is, double-ended. They significantly improve the amount of light and durability of these. Being more efficient and with a longer useful life than the E40 or PGz18 bulbs.
Spiderlux Gold Edition bulb
Spiderlux Gold Edition
  • E40. It is the largest threaded socket, it is designed for very powerful applications and can be plugged into conventional reflectors.
  • PGz18. The new PGz18 sockets offer higher performance than the old E4O, providing more light and with a longer duration.

In conclusion, choosing the best bulb will depend a lot on the type of plant you grow and the resources you have, that is why at the Forbidden Flower we offer you a wide catalog so that you can choose the bulb that best suits your needs.

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