Rosin VS BHO | Characteristics, differences and curiosities

When we talk about Rosin and BHO we mean a concentrated form of cannabis, or simply “concentrates”. As the name implies, concentrates are a more specific product made up of only the most desirable things in the cannabis plant (cannabinoids and terpenes).

You can almost think of concentrates as the “strong alcohol” of the cannabis world. Essentially, they are all a more potent form of cannabis.


Solvent and solvent-free extracts

The most noticeable difference between the extracts with solvents and those without solvent is very easy, the concentrates with solvent were elevated with some type of solvent (butanol and alcohol) to separate the trichomes of the cannabis plant. While solvent-free extracts separate without the aid of it.

What is the difference between Rosin and BHO?

Rosin and BHO are cannabis concentrates, but each is extracted in a very different way:

  • Rosin: it is the result of an extraction method that squeezes the cannabinoids (THC, CBD) out of the cannabis material using only heat and pressure, making it “without solvents”. Rosin’s adaptability is of great benefit to cannabis consumers and producers.
  • BHO, on the other hand, is extracted through the use of butane, a strong solvent that removes cannabinoids from the cannabis material. The extracted oil requires a thorough purge in vacuum furnace chambers to remove the butane so that it is consumable.

Many consumers are turning to the cleanest form of extractions to know that they are not smoking harmful chemicals when smoking or consuming cannabis oil.

Is Rosin Better Than BHO?

This is a somewhat difficult question to answer, as it is largely based on consumer preferences, on the other hand, there are some marked differences between the two concentrates.

BHO cannabis

Rosin’s hash is great, providing consumers with a safe alternative to making solvent-based extracts, such as BHO (a dangerous process), within the comfort of your own home. This is especially useful for those who do not have access to safe, quality solvent-based extractions.

In addition, Rosin is inherently safer to consume than concentrates made with butane, propane, alcohol …

Without a doubt, Rosin is one of the most versatile cannabis extracts. In fact with it you can do crumble, wax, budder, shatter, sugar and more.

The best presses for the extraction of Rosin

Currently on the market there are heat pressure tools that allow us to extract Rosin in a very simple way.

One of the TOP presses on the market are those of Qnubu, with them you can put into practice the Rosin extraction technique with the greatest simplicity and without complications. The resin will be ready to consume instantly, it will also preserve 100% terpenes since we do not use chemicals or high temperatures, you will avoid impurities and unwanted aromas.


Thanks to the Manual Rosin Press 1 T you can control the temperature, pressure and time with high precision, carrying out the operation with total control over the final product.

If what you are looking for is a pressure of up to 4 tons, the Rosin press is the ideal solution. It has a compact size and weighs 10 kg, which makes it easy to transport it anywhere, with which you can perform resin extractions easily and quickly, with just one hand!


Now that we already tell you the great difference between these two resin concentrates, you can start the extraction in the most appropriate way, do not forget to enter Forbidden flower where you will find the best offers in seeds and all kinds of tools for cultivation and extraction, as well as all kinds of paraphernalia and accessories to enjoy a unique cannabis experience.

Tell us in the comments which one you think is the most suitable for you.

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