Quantity and quality of water in marijuana cultivation

During the months of February and March
some growers already start the crop, sowing the first seeds. In these months there are few hours of light (11 hours in February and 12 in March) and the temperatures at night are still quite low (below 10ºC). The seeds are born but grow at a very slow rate, and therefore the watering must be very moderate, respecting above all that the upper layer of soil dries before watering again; If the plant has just been born, care must be taken so that the upper layer of soil does not remain dry for more than a day.

In April the photoperiod increases to 13 hours of light. The temperature starts to rise slightly, and it no longer freezes at night. As the climate is favorable, you can combine indoor cultivation for growth and outdoor cultivation for flowering. Thus, in outdoor cultivation we already have the first seeds that have already developed minimally and already measure a little more than a foot from the ground. If temperatures are high the plants will consume more water. When temperatures drop, we will expect less growth and less water consumption. In general, as the rains are abundant in April, hardly any watering is carried out.

In May temperatures stabilize, and nights are cold in few regions of the country. The photoperiod is already much longer and the plants increase their growth rate, with greater water consumption. The surface of the floor will dry out more often. If we want high growth, we will ensure that the land does not remain dry for more than one day, and controlling the needs of nitrogen and trace elements.

In the month of June,
the heat becomes constant during the day, with minimum temperatures above 10 degrees. The photoperiod is 15 hours of light, 9 of darkness, the maximum that we can achieve in the peninsula. Plants accelerate development starting this month by increasing water needs. Temperatures at noon get higher and higher, and the plants begin to ask for water more than once a day. We must ensure that the soil does not dry out completely, and that the pots do not get too hot, taking precautions, such as putting a good plate under each pot that accumulates the excess water, which will act as a refrigerator for the pot.

From July
the photoperiod begins to decrease slowly, but the heats keep increasing. The plants begin to ask for more water, being able to accept several irrigations a day (in the morning, at noon and in the afternoon). The temperatures are maximum and the pots run the risk of getting too hot. It is a month, along with August, that people usually go on vacation, if this is our case we must take precautions, since the plants in these months require water every day. Ideally, never leave the plants alone in hot months. If we are going to leave them alone, it would be profitable to install an automatic irrigation system. If not, a trusted person should take care of them.

It is in the month of August when the last stretching of the plants occurs and flowering begins, increasing water consumption. The heats are maintained and the waterings are essential even several times a day if growth is to be maximized. The earliest plants begin to flower, being vital for these plants that there is no lack of water. August and July are the most critical months for irrigation.

In September, temperatures begin to decrease and the first storms arrive. The weight of the buds increases which makes the plants vulnerable to wind and rain. If all the pistils are white we must ensure that the plant never lacks water, when the upper part of the soil dries we will water, especially the sativa varieties. Indica do not require as much water for flowering, when the pistils of the buds turn brown, we will notice it because the soil takes longer to dry.

Sativa varieties will start to flower during September. Clouds and storms are usually frequent, which means that in periods of time when the sky is cloudy or it rains the plants will need much less watering. It is good to pay attention to the weather so as not to water when the rains are coming; when the weather is good it is used to water with compost. When the rains last for a week, sativas can run out of nutrients because the rain has washed away much of the nutrients. After abundant rains it is good to fertilize with trace elements and phosphorus. If the plant asks for nitrogen, it is provided, but in small doses, since the excesses of nitrogen increase the attacks of botritys (gray mold).


Indica strains are more susceptible to picking up bud fungus, specifically gray mold, the fungus that affects cannabis the most. The rains make it easier for any fungus to spread through the plant, especially on the buds. Gray mold spreads more quickly if the plant is overwatered, so we will wait for the soil to dry out until we water again.

October it is a month in which the waterings are not abundant if it rains, except in the warmer regions. The indica ends in this month and the waterings are usually zero if it rains. Sativas are in full bloom and don’t finish until November-December, which are the only ones that may require water if the weather is not rainy.

In November temperatures drop sharply and sativas begin to mature. If the weather has been unfavorable, the plants will finish in November; earth washing will probably be unnecessary due to heavy rains. If the weather is quite favorable during November, the plants may last until the end of the month or December; the plants will ask for water and nutrients in this case.

Only the later flowering sativas have just flowered in December, the waterings will be very scarce, because the cold slows down the development of the plant.

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