Outdoor Marijuana Flowering 🌻

We call outdoor flowering the moment your marijuana plants stop growing to form buds while creating resin. It is the moment in which you have to be more careful with the plants, since they are sensitive and any change can make the harvest worthless.

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Outdoor marijuana flowering

The female marijuana plants are the ones that are going to give you the fruits. The formations that appear on its branches, such as calyces and pistils, develop very quickly during the first month or month and a half of flowering. Afterwards, the process is slowed down so that the buds gain weight and shape. At this time you have to pay special attention to the nutritional needs of your plants.

Fertilizers for outdoor marijuana flowering

When marijuana plants slow down their growth process in order to form buds, you must be careful. This is when they need a extra contribution of phosphorus and potassium, and less amount of nitrogen. This is because the bud and resin are gestating.

You also have to bear in mind that an indoor crop is not the same as an outdoor one. However, in 30 or 45 days that flowering lasts, experienced cannabis farmers use the same type of base compost: PK compost

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This compost is artificial, so you may not like it. If you prefer a natural compost you should buy bat guano, which has a high percentage of phosphorus, potassium, and amino acids. The result it brings will not leave you indifferent and it will make your marijuana plants better nourished.

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Change from growth to flowering

The change from growth to outdoor flowering in marijuana plants is very evident. The first at that stage they are capable of doubling and even tripling in size. It is also the time when the pistils of the flowers begin to produce.

Outdoor pre flowering

During pre-flowering outdoors it is advisable to continue using growth fertilizers. During this phase the plants give a great stretch so they demand large amounts of nitrogen.

When does flowering start outdoors?

The start of the flowering phase outdoors it starts around the beginning of August. It can be delayed or accelerated depending on the area and the variety we grow.

It is very easy to know when our plants enter flowering, since they begin to put hairs (pistils) on their shoots, which will gradually form the buds.

In what month does outdoor flowering start?

Depending on the variety chosen or our area, it can start in July or August. The usual thing is to see them start to bloom once August has started.

How long does outdoor flowering last?

The flowering phase of cannabis usually around 8-10 weeks, depending on genetics. These varieties are usually harvested outdoors between the months of September and October.

Sativas, which have the longest outdoor flowering, can be between 11 and 14 weeks. These varieties are not collected outside until the months of November or December. Depending on the climate, it will be necessary to grow them in a greenhouse to protect them from rain and hail.

How to speed up flowering outdoors?

The most used method to accelerate flowering outdoors is the forced flowering method, thanks to this we can start the flowering of the plants at any time

How to force flowering?

A structure can be built to cover our plants for 12 hours a day. In this way we manage to trick them into starting the flowering stage at the time we want.

Outdoor sativa flowering

The outdoor sativa flowering is much slower than that of the indicas. They are plants that take much longer to enter flowering and also to be harvested.

Yellow leaves in outdoor bloom

When the plants are already in the middle of the flowering phase. It is normal to see older, larger leaves turn yellow. Older and larger leaves turn yellow and eventually fall off.

Outdoor autoflowering flowering

We can put the autoflowering ones outdoors at any time between the months of April to August. Nevertheless, the best crops are those grown between June and August, coinciding with the best climate for its cultivation.

Hours of light in outdoor bloom

Marijuana plants need at least 6 hours of light when flowering outdoors. However, the more hours of direct light they receive, the higher the quality and quantity of the harvest will be obtained.

When will the harvest be ready?

Each marijuana plant has its characteristics and a it can take a month to bloom and get the buds out, while another can do it two weeks later. It is best to have the information in hand before even cultivating. You have to know its species, where it comes from, if it is transplanted or not and its origin.

What everyone does is observe the plant to see when it blooms. That moment is the first day from which you have to start counting to know how long it will take before it bears fruit. Most of the time, you know, it takes between a month and a month and a half.


It is also important to know when is the best time to start pruning after the flowering period. You should know that two weeks before you carry out the pruning, you have to suspend all activity in which you fertilize or stimulate the plant. In this way you will eliminate the accumulated waste on the ground. Also, in this sense, you can wash the water by means of constant watering in the two weeks in which you stop fertilizing the marijuana plants.

In the same way, you have to stop watering the plants two or three days before pruning. Thus the earth does not have an excess of water and can dry out. The new branches will grow and give another harvest that, if you follow these indications, will give you a lot of results.

You must remember that the application of these measures cannot be carried out when your marijuana plants are in the flowering period. You should always do it before, when they are growing up. Otherwise, the crop can be seriously damaged.

If you have to deal with an insect infestation, it is better not to resort to insecticides. The reason is that these elements can be truly harmful when plants are blooming. To make the insects disappear, you can choose to use products such as soap or neem oil, which do not harm the plants.

If the leaves become infected, it is better cut them and prevent the infection from spreading, especially to the areas where the flowers are growing. But the most basic measure of all is knowing where you are. If there is a lot of humidity, you know that mosquitoes are more attracted and will attack your plants. In these cases, as in stormy or high-air situations, cannabis plants can be covered with plastic.

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