How to water the plants on vacation?

What’s new peña? We bring you a series of tips from how to water plants on vacation.

It’s been days since I wrote you and the truth is that today I come to give you some automatic watering tricks that will be great for you for this hot summer. It has arrived and we already have it on us pressing with its high temperatures.


Surely every year it happens to you that during the summer you take a few days of vacation to escape a bit from the usual environment. Although, without stopping to think for a single day about how your girls will be under the intense summer sun.


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so instead of making the colleague on duty dizzy, I’m going to offer you a series of irrigation tricks.

Strengthen the girls with a silicon-based product

Next, I will indicate the steps you must follow to ensure that your plants do not suffer from drought stress or directly reach die dehydrated.

The first step to ensure that our plants can successfully overcome the harsh and hot summer weather outdoors. We must nurture them properly so that they achieve a health of iron capable of withstanding everything. For this we offer you the best brands of marijuana fertilizers From the market.

Rhino Skin Advanced nutrients

If we stick to the theme of drought and heat, the nutrient that will help us the most is the Silicon. This takes care to form a wall of silicates in the cell walls. More clearly, it manages to create a second skin in tissues such as leaves, making plants more robust and resistant.

As a reference top that it has worked wonderfully for me for this work, I recommend the Rhino Skin from Advanced Nutrients. Applying it from the first to the sixth week of flowering we will get tremendously robust and resistant specimens.

How to water the plants on vacation?

Once we have managed to form strong and robust specimens, it will be time to go on vacation and mount our autonomous irrigation systems, in addition to that I recommend that you put the plants in an area where there is more shade than sun during the days that you are away.

Clay automatic watering cones

The automatic watering cones, certainly one ideal choice, these cones are designed to be hooked to water bottles up to 2 liters so they get stuck in the ground with the bottle properly hooked and ready.Automatic watering cones

These clay cones for automatic watering, they will release the water by capillarity when the earth is drier than the cone itself, so there will be neither excess nor lack of moisture in the earth.

method of how to water plants on vacation with watering cones

Gelled water

Not my favorite option, but I have to say it can also save your plants during a holiday periodThey are usually sold in large Leroy-type garden stores and it is one more alternative to save our little ones from dehydration. Try with the Liquid saver, which is a reliable and recommended product.

How to water the plants on vacation? Home method

For those who have less means or directly cannot wait to buy any of the items that I have mentioned, I will also give you a couple of homemade tricks to ensure that our precious plants do not dry out.

Plastic bottle

how to water plants on vacation with plastic bottle

If the outlet flow is too high, it can be slowed down by obstructing the mini orifice with a cloth or similar. As simple as grab a plastic bottle the size you consider and make a hole in the plug with a hot pin, getting a millimeter hole. I know stick the bottle upside down in the ground and ready.

Cotton cord

Irrigation with cotton rope

We will need a cord or rope of cotton that is able to function through the capillarity principle and what we will do is bury one end around the stem of the plant and the other we will immerse it in a Deposit of water (carafe).

Before leaving and trusting this system, you must make sure that the cord you have used conducts moisture well.

Well, family up to here today’s article on automatic irrigation in varano, I hope you have found it interesting and above all useful to keep your little ones well hydrated while you take a well-deserved rest.

Greetings family, one love!

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