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20 avril 2021. Save this date. It will indeed, like every April 20 for many years across the world, dedicated to cannabis. But what is really hiding this world cannabis day ? Celebration of a few enlightened amateurs? Ode to consumption? Or deeper political demands? Weedy tells you all about what the 420 and how to take part in the party!

Why celebrate cannabis on April 20 (4/20)?

4/20 in the United States, 20/4 in our country: what is the link between these figures and cannabis?

Let’s start gently with a little history of this day dedicated to cannabis, starting with its date. Indeed, April 20 was not chosen at random. For us, it is only 20.04, a figure that does not mean much. In English, however, you have to see things from another angle: that of 4/20, 420 or four twenty in long version. Its origins are relatively unclear, but seem to date back to the early 1970s whena group of young teenagers gathered every day at 4:20 a.m. to happily smoke a joint celebrating the end of school.

The 420 was born. But still far from crossing the Atlantic! One anecdote leading to another, we must again mention that one of these young marijuana smokers knew Phil Lesh, bassist of the Greatful Dead, a rock band who did a lot for it. development of American counter-cultures, and particularly popular with cannabis enthusiasts. So much so that dozens of cannabis strain names are, even today, more or less inspired by the group (Deadhead OG, Casey Jones and Jerry Garcia OG Kush are a few examples).

But this is another story.

Still, when the cannabis defendants sought a strong symbol to militate against anti-cannabis political decisions, they quite naturally created the ” 420 campaign “. Since then, associations, activists and university groups have used the date of April 20 (4/20) to shake up the policies in place and encourage more research and development in favor of their favorite plant.

What Happens on World Cannabis Day?

A bit of everything, as long as there is a strong link with cannabis: its legalization, the medical research, to culture, l’hybridization new varieties, related subcultures, etc. The last few years have seen popular gatherings in front of the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa, music festivals in the United States (420 music festival in Michigan, Flyhi 420 Festival in Denver) and even a 420 Hemp Fest in Milan.

The small band of American students has therefore grown and World Cannabis Day is today celebrated in many countries, by participants from very diverse origins.

Who celebrates 420?

Crowd celebrating cannabis day in Brazil
Crowd celebrating cannabis day in Brazil

We are not going to lie to each other, World Cannabis Day is above all celebrated by its defenders. Among them, very varied profiles exist, with a proportion of young pot smokers in search of legalization not necessarily as large as one might think. On the contrary, the motives are rather serious, often medical, always political.

At a celebration on April 20, you might well come across:

  • Of cannabis advocacy associations: they carry out a large representation work, by allowing the general public to better understand the plant and its derivatives, and by leverage effect for politicians to rethink their guidelines in terms of legalization.
  • Of weed lovers: they come for fun above all, but also take pleasure in extolling the merits of cannabis in front of the cameras of journalists covering the event.
  • Of companies: for the most part involved in the development of the cannabis sector, came to defend their financial interests. They are at the origin of the development of specialized media, cultivate legal cannabis rich in CBD or work on the creation of cannabinoid-based treatments for countries where therapeutic cannabis is authorized (Israel, Canada or the United States in particular).
  • Political parties: came to shake up those in power.

Where to celebrate 420 in 2021?

Covid crisis obliges, most of the events planned across the world will not take place face-to-face. To celebrate cannabis in 2021, nothing beats (very) small committees and respecting the safety rules in force where you are. As for the various demands in favor of the legalization or development of scientific research related to cannabis and its uses, it is always possible to heat up social networks and to innovate in terms of virtual gatherings.

Towards an end of the celebrations with the legalization of cannabis?

World Cannabis Day still has a bright future ahead
World Cannabis Day still has a bright future ahead

Many media see World Cannabis Day as a fad, the celebrations of which are likely to run out of steam in the event of legalization mass of the plant and its various substances. Their arguments? Once everyone can use legal cannabis as they wish, no one will come and sing the praises anymore. There is undoubtedly a part of truth in this, at least concerning some of the participants.

However, there are many examples throughout history to show that it is not because a practice, a product or a group of people obtains rights from which it was until then excluded that everything is erased. and that all the fights linked to the cause disappear. As often, our Canadian friends allow us to try to answer with a head start, believing that World Cannabis Day still has bright days ahead.

Conclusion? There will always be battles for cannabis advocates (state monopolies, uses, composition of products, etc.) and good reasons to celebrate its multiple virtues.

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