Coronavirus 2019-nCoV and consumed by Marihuana


The new coronavirus (2019-nCoV), or Covid-19 is a virus that belongs to the coronavirus family, where there are many more viruses and some of them have affected humans to a greater or lesser extent. It was initially detected in December 2019, although it did not jump to the global media until January 2020. Its symptoms are mainly related to acute respiratory illness and severe pneumonia, which can lead to death. Currently, most of the cases are occurring at the point of origin, the Chinese city of Wuhan and its surrounding areas, although the WHO (World Health Organization) has decreed a global emergency. In this article we are going to tell you specifically the Implications this virus may have for marijuana users seeking advice about coronavirus and safe use.

How is the new coronavirus transmitted?

At first, this new Covid-19 coronavirus seems to have begun to be transmitted from an animal to a human in the food market in Wuhan (China). However, subsequent studies have confirmed that the new coronavirus it is also transmitted from human to human, mainly by close contact with a sick person or with objects that have been in contact with him.

Even if almost all cases are concentrating in the same area It is convenient to be alert for what may happen in the future, since the expansion may continue to more geographical areas and affect a much larger number of the population. The biggest risk at this point in general is that the virus mutates and becomes more powerful or resistant.

What does the coronavirus mean for a marijuana user?

Being a virus that it is spread mainly by contact, marijuana users are a potential risk group. If there are cases in our area, the fact that stoners share their consumables with other people makes it advisable to follow a series of guidelines to avoid falling into any unnecessary risk.

I use marijuana, what can I do to avoid risks?

These are common sense recommendations, we are not going to give any magic recipe or collaborate with the fake news that promise that this virus can be cured with cocaine or bleach. These are some simple recommendations applied to the field of Cannabis consumers.

Not sharing joints with other people

The clearest recommendation is not to share a joint with more people, one of the most direct ways to contract the coronavirus is through contact with fluids. When smoking from a joint there will always be some saliva or sweat on the mouthpiece, once that joint passes into the mouth of another user there is a very high risk of being infected, since one person’s fluids come into contact with the next. In fact, a joint that is shared with many users and only one is infected can infect all the others.

Do not share personal consumption utensils

If we talk about shared pipes, bongs and vaporizers the risk is very high As with joints, since the fluids of one of the consumers can also come into direct contact with those of others, and this is the most direct route of contagion.

However, this goes further, the contact of body fluids can occur in a more indirect way, they are called macro liquids, which are deposited on objects and are infectious for a time. For example, if a person who has the virus touches the mucous parts of the face and does not wash their hands immediately, all the objects that they touch afterwards are potentially dangerous for transmitting the virus. For this to happen, another person must be in direct contact with that object and then take the hand to mouth, nose, wounds or eyes to also contract the new coronavirus or any other virus.

This includes lighters, rolling paper, the marijuana or hashish to be consumed, mouthpieces, everything you can think of that could come into contact with another infected person and then with you. Keep in mind that even if the body fluid is not shared directly, it can pass from the mucus to the hands, then to the object, the hands of another person and finally the mucosa of the latter user, incurring in risky behavior.

That said, if there is an infected person who handles any object, facts such as chopping marijuana or rolling a joint for another person, they can pose a risk of contagion.

Do not share the space with people who may be infected

A good smoke often involves coughing, every time a person coughs or sneezes they are going to release a quantity of body fluids into the air, this is another vehicle for the coronavirus and others to be transmitted through the air, it is what is called contagion by micro liquids.

Being in an enclosed space with more people using marijuana can be a risky activity. In case one of those present is infected and coughs or sneezes the chances of contagion for others are very high. When we talk about marijuana use with other people in open spaces, the risk is somewhat reduced but it is still there.

Tips for Marijuana Users to Avoid Coronavirus

Certainly, if no case has been detected in your country, the real possibilities of contagion are minimal or almost nonexistent. The same if there are a few cases so there is no need to generate an alarm, in addition the mortality of this new coronavirus is staying lower than others that humanity has previously suffered, such as SARS. In general, the people who die seem to be elderly people or people with previous health problems.

If dozens of cases have already been detected in your area or country, it is time to start taking things a bit more provingly. These are the recommendations for marijuana users who want to avoid the coronavirus:

  1. The most effective method is wash your hands frequently with soap, at least for 20 seconds and trying to clean complicated areas such as under the nails. This gesture is the simplest and most effective against this virus and many more diseases.
  2. Do not touch your face or wounds, this is a little more complicated, on average we touch our faces many times every day, many times without realizing it, so not really touching your face requires a lot of effort and attention. One recommendation is to follow the previous advice, so if we touch our faces at least it will be with clean hands and we will have avoided the risk.
  3. If there is risk in your area, Under no circumstances share a joint or agree to consume from othersThis also includes pipes, bongs, vaporizers and any other object that can be a vehicle for transmitting the virus. Do not accept that someone else gives you an already rolled joint, even if they have not smoked from it, there may be a very high risk since their saliva can be the glue of the rolling paper. In these situations, it is best for everyone to roll their joint and consume it without sharing it with others.
  4. Avoid contact with wild animals, since the virus at first jumped from an animal to a human. If you make contact with any, wash your hands thoroughly and as soon as possible.
  5. Avoid contact, staying in the same place or using risky marijuana with people who are or may have been affected. It would also be advisable to take these precautions with people who have recently traveled to an area with a high incidence of the new coronavirus. Currently it is believed that 14 days have to pass to know if you are well, during all that time an infected person may have no symptoms and yet infect others.
  6. If you live in an area clearly affected by the virus, it is best to consume marijuana by yourself at home, go out only what is necessary and always with mask protection and disposable gloves. Do not buy anything on the black market and try to supply yourself with your crop. Buy utensils such as paper that are sealed with plastic and do not share anything with others.

How to eliminate the coronavirus from marijuana?

Many of you are asking us about the risk of marijuana buds that come from other people and the risk that they can carry coronavirus. From our humble point of view, the best trick we can think of to “clean” the grass of possible viruses, specifically Covid 19, is by doing something similar to the decarbylation technique.

Decarboxylating marijuana is a technique to convert THCA into THC, it is a useful technique for those who like to consume marijuana ingested for recreational purposes and who seek to make the most of cannabinoids. Basically decarboxylation is putting the marijuana in the oven at a medium-high temperature for a certain period of time.

When decarboxylating to kill Covid 19 the temperature must be high enough to kill the virus, but low enough not to evaporate the THC. The same thing happens over time, it should be enough to kill the virus, but not long enough to evaporate the cannabinoids.

A suitable measure is to place the marijuana in the oven at about 70 degrees Celsius for at least 30 minutes, this combination of time and temperature should be enough to disable Covid 19 coronavirus without affecting cannabinoids.

In Natural Experience marijuana seeds we take all precautions so that you can receive your orders online in the safest, fastest and most discreet way, you can review our Covid-19 prevention measures.

Any questions you have, leave us a message and we will try to help as soon as possible, you can also continue reading with our article on Carl Hart’s reflections on whether marijuana is addictive.

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