Marijuana plantation calendar 2014 | Lunar calendar 2014

Today we want to share with you all a marijuana planting calendar for 2014, based on the lunar calendar.

The calendar It was made by Kannabia, based on the book Lunario 2014, by Michel Gros, which covers almost everything related to horticulture and arboriculture. The calendar is divided by tasks and marked with color codes.

This calendar is valid for both hemispheres, although in the southern hemisphere it may undergo some slight variations, but these have not been considered relevant and that is why it has been decided to unify it into a single calendar.

Some more interesting information about the calendar:

  • Germinated: It is preferable to do it in the morning and choose days with a constellation associated with the part that you want to obtain: fruit, root, leaves or flowers.
  • Sowing and transplanting: It is preferable to choose days when the Moon is before a constellation of air (Gemini, Libra or Aquarius). These days are optimal for working flower plants.
  • Tillage of the land: It is preferable to work the earth in descending Moon.
  • Poda: Preferably, we should choose descending Moon days.
  • Preventive: It is better to apply insecticides in the morning and fungicides in the afternoon.
  • Cuttings: It is convenient to perform them on the descending Moon.
  • Harvest: It is preferable to harvest with the Moon rising; This will improve the organoleptic properties of the parts of the plants that grow above the ground, fruits, leaves and flowers.
  • Days marked in red: Any work with our plants and with the terrain is discouraged, because these days they coincide with lunar and perigee nodes.
  • Days marked in green: These are more advisable days for working with our plants and the land.
  • Unmarked days: These days are not inadvisable for growing, only the green days are more suitable. If for whatever reason we cultivate these days, this does not mean that we will have bad results.

You can download the image of the calendar here and the calendar in PDF format here.

We hope you found it interesting. Good plantation!

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