Marijuana in the garden of 2 Galician Ladies

When we refer to the effects of marijuana we usually talk about what our body experiences when consuming it, either by smoking it, ingesting it or using vaporizers.

Recently two ladies from Galicia have discovered to us through a very funny video that marijuana can also cause incredible effects just by looking at it. And even more, something you may not have known: that these effects are even contagious!

‘Oh my. This is marijuana and they are going to take us prey ‘

Imagine your mother or grandmother discovering two marijuana plants in their small garden. How do you think he would react? Probably many people of advanced age would not even realize what they have in the garden and would end up pulling the bad herbs As if such a thing, but these two women from San Sadurniño in A Coruña (or at least one of them) were clear about what they were up to, despite the fact that the find caught them by surprise.

And it is that as soon as Maruxa realizes that between the lettuces, tomatoes and cucumbers there are two beautiful cannabis plants she does not hesitate to communicate the news to her friend Carmen with some seriousness: “Come here, I’m going to tell you a secret. But this is prohibited ”. To which her friend, as soon as she sees what he is referring to, does not hesitate to add: “Oh my God. But if this is marijuana and they are going to take us prey ”.

An educational video that went viral for marijuana

Apparently the initial purpose of this video was to integrate it into a project called I have a vegetable garden in San Sadurniño in which, as its name suggests, the residents of this region of Galicia talk about their crops and about the evolution of the garden.

But without a doubt, seeing Maruxa and Carmen joking about the existence of two cannabis plants in their garden was much more fun than hearing them talk about vegetables, so it is not surprising that as soon as the video was released it went viral on social media. If the intention of these two residents of San Sadurniño was to keep hidden these two marijuana plants that they had grown wild in their gardenthey certainly did not succeed. However, with this video of just over two minutes what they did succeed is to make the staff have a good time.

And it is that their comments are not wasted. Between the innocence with which they are released and the fact that they speak Galician, it will be strange that the video ends and that you do not want to hit play at least once more.

‘Is this smoking or snorting?’

Among the great existential questions that Maruxa and Carmen ask themselves while they ramble in front of the two cannabis plants that have grown wildly in their garden is this one so funny: “Is this smoking or snorting?” To which the other responds: “Ah, well, I don’t know. In any case, we will have to wait for it to come out and then we’ll see how it is prepared ”.

Of course, these two women are not lacking in curiosity, who at some point or another do show a bit more prudent in the matter and express a certain fear that because of this wild and illegal cultivation they can be taken prey, “as to the Pantoja”. Of course, always in a very joking tone because these ladies do not stop laughing throughout the video, it seems that the pot has already taken effect before even trying it.

And speaking of effects, what is wrong with Carmen’s parrot? At one point in the video, the lady confesses that her parrot “talks a lot” and now realizes that he has been giving her marijuana, which makes her laugh even more.

We do not know how the project of I have a vegetable garden in San Sadurniño But what is clear is that the public demands more material with these two women recounting their personal experiences in cannabis initiation because they have already shown that they do not lack wood to become a media phenomenon.

What about grandparents and cannabis?

It seems that senior citizens are showing a more open mind regarding marijuana lately than many of our politicians do. We just have to analyze the case of the 75-year-old Mrs. San Sebastián who, after seeing information regarding the therapeutic uses of marijuana, decided to buy some seeds and grow her own plants to give her husband scrubs.

The police caught her with 14 plants in the courtyard of her house and was taken to court, but as the lady had explained, the plants were exclusively for rubbing her aching husband with some ointments that were nothing more than a home remedy as could be done by applying any other plant, only in this case marijuana had a more effective effect when it came to calming the pain.

During the search of the address, no element was found that would indicate an indication of suspicion that an illegal activity was taking place there. The plants were grown in the open air, elements were not hidden or used to improve production or to weigh the crops, so the judge considered valid the explanations of the septuagenarian who insisted that at no time did he think that with that behavior he was doing something wrong, even though he was aware that it was an illegal substance. Finally, the magistrate issued an acquittal inasmuch as the plants were completely disconnected from the purpose of trafficking.

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