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2019 and 2020 were both HUGE years for G Pen with the release of the G Pen Connect and Roam Vaporizer. Both devices brought a new twist and flair to the vaporizer community. As you might remember, the G Pen Roam houses a water-cooled vapor system that delivers crisp, clean vapor wherever and whenever you need it. It’s designed to sit comfortably in your hands and discreet so it’s great for on-the-go concentrate enthusiasts.

Fast forward to 2021, G Pen is bringing enthusiasts an exclusive collaboration with Bay Area rapper and entrepreneur, Berner, to introduce the Lemonnade x G Pen Roam Vaporizer. It comes fully customized with Lemonnade’s iconic, citric yellow color, while still bringing all the features enthusiasts have come to expect from the Roam.

Lemonnade x G Pen Roam Vaporizer

Who Is Lemonnade?

Lemonnade is the sister brand of Cookies and brings the same uplifting and euphoric experience to those looking for a new type of strain. With a cult following and an exclusive line of products, Lemonnade is known for its impeccable taste and collaborations with some of the biggest names in music including Rick Ross, Michael Corleone, and Run The Jewels.

G Pen Roam’s Portable Water Filtration

G Pen’s ingenuity made a splash when they created a water filtration system that fits into a portable vaporizer and dubbed it the “Hydro-Tube”. Unlike many manufacturers who try bringing water filtration to a portable vape, the Lemonnade Roam works seamlessly and efficiently to keep the water inside the device.

Lemonnade x G Pen Roam VaporizerThe small size of the water filter makes it possible to enjoy cool draws without fear of spillage. Also, the removable outer aluminum shell helps protect the device better if you drop it. Similar to the size of the Mighty, the Roam is undoubtedly one of the best portable vaporizers to grace the vape community.

Top-Notch Heating Calibration

The Lemonnade x G Pen Roam features 2 vaporization heating modes, which are designed to produce thick clouds and flavorful vapor. You also get the flexibility to set your preferred temperature using the +/- buttons with 25-degree increments and a range of 600ºF-800ºF.

In “Automatic Heat Mode”, the Lemonnade Roam will automatically heat up to your preferred temperature and vibrate when it’s ready. The Roam will heat your concentrates for 30 seconds and then vibrate once more to let you know it’s done vaporizing your materials. In case you want one quickdraw just click the button twice to disable heating during “Automatic Heat Mode”.

“Manual Heat Mode” is another nifty heating option, and it’s very simple to use. Users just need to hold the power button to activate it and the Roam will get to work and hold your chosen temperature until the button is released. The last heating calibration is “Max Heating Mode”. It basically takes the Lemonnade Roam to full power without temperature control. This mode can be used for burn-offs. Just click the power button when the Roam gets to 800ºF to get to Max Mode.

Full Quartz Tank For Flavor Appreciation

The G Pen Roam features a full quartz tank that will allow you to taste all the flavor profiles of your chosen concentrate, even at higher temperatures. The temperature ranges from 600ºF-800ºF. The 600ºF range brings out your concentrate’s flavor, while the 800ºF range produces more vapor but delivers a more flavorful experience than a titanium tank or heating element.

Final Thoughts On The Lemonnade Roam

Lemonnade x G Pen Roam VaporizerThe features of the Lemonnade Roam Vaporizer collectively give the Roam a smooth, on-the-go experience. Its LED display works well when adjusted for temperature, and the pass-through charging allows you to use the device even while it’s charging. If you enjoy concentrates and want to experience all the “regular” things an elite portable vaporizer has to offer, then the Roam deserves a look.

The Roam is a great, all-around vaporizer that’s very user-friendly, so it’s perfect for new users. Its simple-to-use instructions and built-in “Max Cleaning Mode” feature are both helpful. The Lemonnade x G Pen Roam Vaporizer is a great portable vaporizer for concentrate users that want a smooth, flavorful draw experience.

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