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The Higher Standards Heavy Duty Mini Beaker was handcrafted for the true connoisseur craving the same power and performance as the classic Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker, but in a compact, portable design. This glass pipe stands eight inches tall, features the classic glass beaker design for stability, and although it’s small in size, it packs a punch and can serve as your daily driver. Plus, it’s the perfect piece to enjoy cool, smooth, and creamy hits on the go.

Is the Higher Standards Mini Beaker for You?

If you’re in the market for a portable glass water pipe with the benefit of water filtration, then the Mini Beaker is the perfect choice for you. The beaker’s design is all about efficiency and ease, making it great for all experience levels. Another great feature about this beaker is the dual-use capability, so you get the flexibility to switch between dry herbs and concentrates during sessions.

Higher Standards Heavy Duty Mini Beaker

Also, the pipe is made from thick medical-grade borosilicate glass, so if you’re looking to take your mini glass beaker everywhere and anywhere, you’ll get the peace of mind that it won’t break. Whether this is your first or you want to add to your collection, this miniature beaker delivers everything you expect from a standard pipe, but in a compact form factor without sacrificing quality.

Benefits of A Mini Glass Beaker

Anyone who owns a glass pipe can tell you the struggle of lugging around a beaker because they lack portability. That’s where this mini beaker shines because it’s discreet and easy to travel with, making it perfect for parties or outdoor sessions with friends.

Another common concern and misconception about mini beakers are that they’ll deliver low-quality hits. But don’t let the small size fool you. While a normal water pipe holds more smoke than a small glass pipe, the Heavy Duty Mini Beaker provides stronger and more flavorful smoke because there’s a smaller air-to-smoke ratio, so you experience higher quality hits.

Higher Standards Mini Glass Beaker Specs

Higher Standards put together a well-rounded mini glass beaker to meet all your needs. If you look at the price tag, you’ll be surprised because you get so much without breaking the bank. Let’s take a closer look at all the specs:

  • Size: 8 inches tall
  • Design: 7mm thick medical-grade glass beaker
  • Connector: removable, mini glass downstream with 6-slit diffusion
  • 45 Quartz Banger, Carb Cap, and Large Tool
  • Fat-lipped mouthpiece
  • Ice catcher and a custom mini ice mold

For safe storage and traveling, Higher Standards includes a reversible collector’s case with the Heavy Duty Mini Beaker to secure your piece for years to come.

How to Assemble And Use Your Glass Water Pipe

Start by carefully removing the beaker from the case, along with the smaller pieces. Now for the fun part. Depending on your mood or the occasion, pick between dry herbs or concentrates and add water to the beaker.

If you’re smoking dry herbs, grind your flower to a fine grind for an even burn. Then:

  • Grab your bowl
  • Pack it evenly
  • Attach it to the downstem
  • And it’s ready to be used

The mini beaker also makes a great rig, so if you feel like smoking your favorite concentrate:

  • Grab your banger
  • Heat it to your preferred temperature
  • Use the dab tool to add your concentrate
  • And let it rip!

Use the included carb cap to regulate airflow to your liking. No matter what you’re in the mood for, the Mini Beaker has you covered.

How to Clean Your Mini Water Pipe

Along with the simple design, you can easily disassemble this water pipe when it’s time to clean it. There are a few supplies you’ll need:

  • Grab a solvent (Isopropyl Alcohol) to clean break down and gunk
  • Use an exfoliant (Coarse Salt) to clean hard-to-reach areas
  • Rinse with distilled water 

To start cleaning the beaker, remove all the small parts to avoid accidental breakage and set them aside. Then, rinse out your water pipe with hot water in the sink, add your cleaning solution, add salt, cover the stem and tube of your glass pipe, shake, and rinse out with water.

Check out our deep dive on how to clean a water pipe properly to make sure you keep your Higher Standards Heavy Duty Mini Beaker clean for the best flavor and optimal performance.

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