Is it possible to test positive for THC having consumed CBD?

The CBD It is a compound present in cannabis that lacks psychotropic effects and to which some health benefits are associated. However, the question that many are asking today is, Could I test positive for THC on a drug test if I use CBD? In today’s article we want to shed some light on this whole issue.

CBD consumption is totally legal in Spainas long as your THC content is less than 0.2%. In recent years, new products have been appearing adapted to the quantities established by law and can even be bought legally in tobacconists or in Grow Shops.

So far we could think that, if it is legal to consume it, we would not test positive in an anti-drug control, right? Depends.

Let’s see how the drug controls work.

How do drug tests work?

There are two types of drug tests: urine and of saliva.

If you have had to take a drug test at work, you will need to have provided a urine sample. These urine samples do not seek to find a specific amount of THC in your body, but they detect the so-called THC-COOH.

The THC-COOH is a metabolite that your body creates when it comes into contact with THC, so, if you have not consumed THC it will not detect it.

Urine test capable of detecting the metabolite THC-COOH.

These urine tests are safer when it comes to indicating if this metabolite is present in your body, since it remains inside you for much longer. These urine tests could detect marijuana use up to even 30 days after smoking for the last time.

The urine drug test will be positive for THC-COOH if the levels are at or above the 50ng / ml borderline.

The urine drug test will be positive for THC-COOH if the levels are at or above the 50ng / ml borderline.

The saliva tests used by both the Civil Guard and the National Police, however, they do detect the consumption of THC. These saliva tests, unlike with urine, only detect if you have recently used marijuana, although some chronic smokers can retain THC for longer in their body.

Saliva drug test used in traffic controls.

These drug tests are responsible for collecting a saliva sample that, after approximately 10 minutes, will indicate the substances that the person who has been tested has been able to take.

The threshold for testing positive for THC in a saliva test is 4 ng / ml, with a confirmation threshold of 2 ng / ml.

Is it possible to test positive for THC having consumed CBD?

It is not possible to test positive for THC if you have taken pure CBD.

However, some CBD products also contain higher or lower amounts of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main cannabinoid that produces psychoactive effects.

Lemon Tonic from Alpujarra Flowers CBD. Click on the picture to buy them.

Any CBD product that contains the minimum amount of THC must pass controls before being put on sale to ensure that its THC content complies with the law.

Some CBD products that are sold illegally on the black market do not pass these controls, so it is very difficult to ensure the concentration of THC they may have.

For this reason, if you want to consume CBD it is necessary to buy it in a Grow Shop or in any center regulated for it. This will ensure that you do not test positive for THC after having consumed CBD.

The problem comes when some people decide to buy it from a dealer illegally. In these cases Yes, you can test positive for THC having consumed CBD (a priori) in a drug control, since nobody assures that THC levels are lower than 0.2%.

Is it possible to give a positive drug test after consuming CBD oil?

If you thought that the CBD oil can be completely free of THC, It is not like this.

First of all, we must differentiate between hemp and marijuana. Hemp is totally free of THC, while marijuana may, to a greater or lesser extent, contain THC in its buds.


However, even though CBD is extracted from hemp, it can become contaminated with THC depending on the way it is extracted or the manufacturing process.

Therefore, it is advisable to be wary of low-quality products that can be sold to you on the black market.

These CBD oils sold legally in Grow Shops usually undergo controls where they analyze that the content of their labels is correct, so, if purchased legally, their THC content will never exceed 0.2%.

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