Is It Convenient To Use Marijuana If You Have Coronavirus?🤔

Corona is getting worst day by day, but the recovery rate is improving and research by universities and governments has reached a certain level where human vaccine experiments are on its way to fight against corona infections. Every morning, many of us wake up in fear, others feel it at night and cannot fall asleep. It is not that there are no words to describe the pandemic. But for marijuana users, the grass is the most important thing apart from anything, and of course, by maintaining distance humans can be safe from the infection. 

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As we all know, the availability of COVID-19 tests is almost non-existent, it is difficult to say with certainty which cannabis users have contracted the virus. 

However, some people who experience COVID-19 symptoms continue to use cannabis and according to the doctor, it’s okay to have few puffs every day. As an example of the above, Harvard medical doctor for cannabis Jordan Tishler states: 

“I think the idea of ​​using cannabis to deal with the discomfort of the coronavirus makes perfect sense. I have had cases where we use cannabis, usually orally, to treat pain and discomfort related to surgery. I think cannabis can be useful for anything that causes general discomfort. “

According to Hightimes, Shannon McGrew, owner, and editor-in-chief of Nightmarish Conjurings discovered a few weeks ago that she had bronchitis. “I can’t smoke because I’m coughing all the time, so I’m going to start eating groceries. This happened when the virus was just beginning to advance.” 

McGrew had all the symptoms of COVID-19 except fever, so he believes the pain he experienced was a combination of his pre-existing fibromyalgia and bronchitis. “I decided to quit smoking because it is a respiratory disease. As someone with health problems, I didn’t want to exacerbate them by smoking all the time, so I’ve been trying to make groceries. “ 

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For McGrew, in addition to the rapid onset of inhalation, he missed his smoking routine. “I had a smoking ritual,” says McGrew. I am someone who works a lot, so I don’t smoke during the day. I would go out to my patio, smoke, and read. Was this my way of calming down after a crazy day. That was probably the biggest change for me. “

It is impossible to say that you can continue with your routine. Our habits, for now, are mere memories. But to maintain our joy (and joy is everything), we must adapt. No choice. For many cannabis users, that means quitting joints or modern vaporizers and replacing them with new intake methods. In the cannabis tradition, moreover, edibles are somewhat unpredictable. You may not feel anything, or you may have a very intense journey. COVID-19 attacks the lungs, making inhalation an inappropriate method of consumption. 

Many will say that you should not use cannabis if you think you have coronavirus. It would be easy to tell everyone not to, as there is no research on cannabis use with COVID-19. But that’s an unrealistic request that would deny that cannabis is a safe substance that offers pain relief, especially through the entire body, through an edible. 

While there has been some debate about cannabinoids as immunosuppressants, Dr. Tishler acknowledges: 

“Well, cannabinoids are immunosuppressive in the laboratory, but this has never been demonstrated in humans.”

If you’re going to make the change, follow the rules that the cannabis community has always promoted. Start low. If you’re new to groceries, start with 5 mg and go up to 10 mg, just like McGrew did. Patients who use cannabis for pain now also need it for anxiety. The same rules apply as they normally would. While cannabis works wonders for some anxiety patients, for others, THC can exacerbate anxiety. Consume little and go slowly.

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Take comfort in the familiarity of such advice. It’s hard to tell you not to overdo it, considering that we are all trying to survive this with all we can, but prioritize your health. That includes the responsible use of cannabis. Don’t ruin your relationship with grass by abusing it.

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