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“How do I take CBD?” has been one of the most common questions we’ve been asked. With so many products on the market, it can be confusing, especially for those that are new to CBD. At elitemii, we decided to create a short article and video to help you out.

Our product range can be divided up in to topicals (application to a particular area of the body) and oral consumption. Many would not mind either way but some have a preference so decide what is best for you. Below is a small table that shows what we currently supply for those categories.

elitemii productOral consumption Topical
Oil drops


Massage oil



How to take:

Oil drops

Shake the dropper bottle before use. Load up the dropper by squeezing the end. Drop 2-3 drops under the tongue. Hold for between 30 secs to 1 minute and then swallow. You can also use oil drops in food and beverage. We recently created a smoothie which had CBD drops, check out the recipe here:



One of the most common and convenient ways to consume CBD which allows you to measure how much you are consuming easily. Simply put the tablet in your mouth and then swallow with water – that’s it, just like a normal tablet.









Massage oil

Simply apply on skin and rub in gently. This a great way to not only get your CBD but the benefits of a massage as well. Our customers have used this after an exhausting week, workouts or have simply made sure that this is added into their healthy living lifestyle. This is an excellent solution for aches and pains or general stress relief. Tip: Try lighting some candles, incense and putting on some relaxing music when you are having a massage as it can help elevate your experience.


Do you have areas of pain which are constant e.g., pains in the knee, lower back, shoulder etc? As well as the massage oil, the balm is also a great option as it is convenient and quick to apply, pretty much there and then. Ideal for everyday use whether you’re sitting on the couch or playing sports.

Check out our video to see how its done: Enjoy!

We always recommend that you speak to a medical professional before trying anything new.

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