Autoflowering And Feminized Seeds By Buddha Seeds

In this Flor Prohibida article, we provide you with some growing tips and information on autoflowering and feminized seeds from one of the great manufacturers of cannabis seeds, Buddha Seeds.

History Buddha Seeds

Buddha Seeds is synonymous with professionalism and quality. Its seed catalog stands out for its varieties worked with a lot of effort and dedication. “We settle for the good, we demand the best. “

For the development of the varieties, they have a team made up of highly qualified professionals and trained experts in different disciplines, who, supported by the most modern technology and taking the time necessary for development, make a difference in their varieties.

They have been recognized both by growers, who have rewarded them with increased sales, and by other seed banks with whom they have had the pleasure of collaborating in the development of their varieties. They have also allowed us to publish several scientific articles and cooperate with different Universities and Research Centers in projects on medicinal cannabis and industrial hemp.

In addition, they were pioneers in the development of autoflowering, and now they have made a niche for themselves as the most recognized nationally and internationally. Today they are supported by more than 10 years creating varieties, with which they have been able to satisfy the needs of the most demanding growers.

Investigation and development

Buddha Seeds has managed to position itself as benchmark in the sector thanks to what they use innovative techniques for best results:

  • Selection assisted by molecular genetic markers.
  • Analysis of cannobinoids and terpenes by gas chromatography with flame ionization detector.
  • Spread Y maintenance of in vitro genetics.
  • Creation Y characterization of polyploid individuals, with the aim of obtaining individuals with great vegetative vigor and a high level of cannabinoids.

Thanks to this they have managed to develop varieties to offer the best phenotypes on the market.

Autoflowering Seeds Buddha Seeds

The autoflowering seeds They allow you to cultivate in discreet areas without pruning, have a harvest every three months, obtain important productions, keep pests at bay, and many more benefits. Factors that stimulate season after season that increase the followers who trust this type of autoflowering cannabis cultivation.

Auto Magnum, the most productive and powerful

Plant resulting from Auto Magnum seed

The Auto Magnum is one of the most autoflowering productive Y powerful.

It is a three-way hybrid, resulting from the cross between the most powerful and productive varieties.

Have a fast and vigorous growth, with multiple branches that can reach up to a meter in height, producing fat and resinous buds with fresh and spicy flavors.

In addition, it has an explosive power that can create a cerebral high, which increases its intensity until it reaches an uncontrollable laugh.

Due to the size of this variety, it is recommended to grow it in small spaces, small containers or late transplants, although it reaches its maximum splendor outdoors when planted in the ground or in a large pot.

Harvest from the tenth week.

Auto Deimos, a whole classic

Plant resulting from the Auto Deimos seed

The Auto Deimos It is one of the classics in autoflowering marijuana varieties. These seeds are a hybrid of Northen Lights selected after 7 generations.

Therefore, this variety generates plants of great height and a lot of production, it is around 1 meter high and due to its size it becomes the autoflowering ideal for both exterior and interior.

It is devastating and its flavor is the classic sweet and penetrating, ideal for relaxation, introspection, medicinal uses or simply to leave that “expert” friend doubled over.

Harvest from the tenth week.

More autoflowering seeds

Car Calamity Jane

Plant resulting from Auto Calamity Jane seed

It is the most powerful of autoflowering seeds, the result of crossing a Cinderella 99 and one Auto Magnum.

It’s a plant very resistant to pests, very productive and with high levels of THC (up to 20%).

It produces energizing and psychedelic effects thanks to its predominance of sativa, with a citrus flavor with sweet nuances and a deep lemon flavor.

Auto Medikit CBD

Plant resulting from Auto Medikit CBD seed

It is a variety medicinal rich in pure CBD and hardly any THC, so does not produce psychoactive effects. With aromas and flavors that can be lemon, orange or mango, producing a very relaxing effect both physically and mentally.

The growth of this autoflower is Quick. Although they are not very large plants, it stands out for being full of heavy and compact buds.

It can be grown both indoors and outdoors, and will be ready to harvest in 70-75 days from germination.

Auto Purple Kush

Plant resulting from Auto Purple Kush seed

A 100% purple and fast-flowering variety, which due to its size compact Y short cycle it is ideal for any impatient grower.

With a powerful flavor Indian without being narcotic, between fruity and earthy, producing a relaxing but bearable effect.

Flowering period of 8 weeks.

Auto Syrup

Plant resulting from Auto Syrup seed

It’s a hybrid obtained by crossing several autoflowers with the sweetest indica.

With a fruity flavor with a touch of ginger and elderberry, without leaving indifferent for its powerIt is a true delicatessen for the best tasters.

It is the faster variety from Buddha Seeds, in just 57 days it will give snowy resin buds with a sweet and powerful flavor.

Auto Vesta

Plant resulting from Auto Vesta seed

It is a hybrid developed by Buddha Seeds combining the best of the US and Europe. It stands out for its fast growth being able to reach a large size, with a large and heavy central bud covered in aromatic resin.

This is one off-road variety, suitable for both growers more experts What inexperienced, since even in the worst conditions it produces hard and aromatic buds.

The European line gives it a first fruity citrus flavor between grapefruit and mandarin and, on the other hand, the American line gives it an acid flavor that lingers on the throat for a long time. It produces a very powerful, relaxing, pleasant and long-lasting effect, being suitable for medicinal uses.

Harvest after 75 days from germination.

Feminized seeds are cannabis seeds that only produce plants that are generically female. In general, no one wants male plants, since these not only give a production rich in seeds and low in THC, but their presence can pollinate the plants of a large area around them, drastically reducing their production. Therefore, at Flor Prohibida we bring you some feminized seeds prepared for cultivation.


Plant resulting from the Kraken seed

After years of development Buddha Seeds has finished with these seeds, the result has been an indica hybrid developed with strength, potency and production in mind.

They produce dense, compact and gigantic buds, being able to support their enormous weight thanks to their powerful structure.

This strain is overly productive, with a fresh, almost minty flavor with great potency. It produces a strong, devastating and forceful effect, with an extreme duration.

Medikit CBD

Plant resulting from Medikit CBD seed

These are feminized seeds from Buddha Seeds with a high in CBD (20%) and very low THC content (<1%). As it does not have psychoactive effects, it makes it suitable for medicinal use with great value therapeutic.

Being a hybrid of indica and sativa grows extremely fast, with a good pest resistance. Indoors it behaves very well, and outdoors it can exceed 2.5 meters in height, producing more than 1.5 kg.

It has a very sweet and fruity aroma, with a sweet and citrus flavor that will make you enjoy the medicinal properties of CBD.


Plant resulting from the Morpheus seed

It is a very proactive plant with a ratio of THC: 1: 1 CBD. Have a medicinal potential very high, but with slight effects and a nice touch of aroma.

With a great pest resistance. It does not need very large pots indoors, although outdoors it can reach more than 2.5 meters in height.

It has a special sweet citrus aroma. His effect is pleasant and cerebral. It produces a very pleasant euphoric initial high, although lighter than in others, and then a very strong feeling of physical relaxation.

It is very useful to combat stress, muscle aches and any ailment that can be treated with CBD. By also carrying THC, although not in large quantities, it can help us with any ailment treated with this cannabinoid but without losing lucidity.


Plant resulting from Pulsar seed

These seeds are a cross between Dutch and Central American sativas.

Have a growth explosive, Quick Y vigorous, producing buds in a massive way and with large dimensions. One of its most peculiar characteristics is its high production for its great sativa load.

It has a musky smell and a flavor of incense and spices, with a Haze point. Produces an energizing, highly stimulating, hallucinogenic effect of uncontrollable laughter.

Not recommended for growers or inexperienced smokers.


Plant resulting from the Quasar seed

This strain is a hybrid of a pure indica and a backcrossed sativa that brings together the best of both strains.

With a very vigorous growth, reduces the times in indoor cultivation and creates very large plants outdoors. It has a strong and resistant structure, supports the weight of some buds abundant, hard Y compact.

Has a amazing power and almost instantaneous, producing a strong effect of euphoria without nervousness.

At Flor Prohibida we love to inform you about everything that is in our hands and we encourage you to visit us to learn about our different autoflowering and feminized seeds.

We invite you to contact us if you have any questions about any seed or its cultivation. We are waiting for you at Flor Prohibida!

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