How to make a good marijuana infusion

There are many methods to take advantage of marijuana and its beneficial effects. Smoking it is just one of them. There are many non-smokers (neither tobacco nor cannabis) who habitually use marijuana in another way since smoke is not everything.

The benefits of the plant and its fruits are still present also when it is presented in other formats that are not necessarily inhaled or smoked. From a gastronomic point of view, marijuana is a plant that gives a lot of play when it comes to making recipes, as we see from time to time in this blog with ideas for a potato omelette with marijuana or a cannabis shake. On this occasion we present you a traditional drink: the infusion.

Recipe for a marijuana infusion in a few minutes

Today you will not need to put on your apron or prepare the kitchen for the preparation of a complicated dish. And it is that if the infusion of marijuana is very pleasant to drink, its preparation is even more so since it does not require any effort.

In essence, it is the same as preparing an infusion with any other medicinal plant, although it has the odd trick that you should not overlook for the result to be perfect. The best thing is that we start by being clear about the ingredients for the preparation of this delicious drink:

Ingredients that we are going to use in the infusion

  1. Marijuana leaves or buds. If they are leaves, you can take advantage of what you have left over from the manicure since it also contains trichomes. Think that you will need between two and three grams for each glass. If they are buds, as the trichomes are already concentrated, you will need a smaller amount for each glass (around 0.3 grams).
  2. Whole milk or water. The difference is that with whole milk you will have an infusion that is a little more forceful and tasty. But also with water it will be very rich. Keep in mind that THC does not dissolve as well in water but needs a fatty medium for it, as is the case with whole milk. So if you want an infusion that in addition to all the flavor preserves all its psychoactive effects, you have no choice but to use milk.
  3. Honey, sugar or sweeteners. This is already up to the consumer’s taste. But if you’re not worried about calories and want to get great results, we recommend using a teaspoon of honey to sweeten your marijuana infusion.

How to prepare the marijuana infusion

  1. The first thing we will do is crush the marijuana that we have selected for our infusion using a grinder or a pair of scissors. If you want to reduce the effect of marijuana a little, you can then mix it with a few drops of CBD oil that will serve to counteract the strength of THC (psychoactive) that the variety you have chosen has. This is what is usually done when the objective of the infusion is not to get a high but to take advantage of the therapeutic benefits of the plant.
  2. Use a saucepan to pour the whole milk (we have already said that it is better than water). As we mentioned when talking about the ingredients, the amount of cannabis you use will depend on the number of infusions you plan to prepare. Can you use skim milk? By power, of course you can, but the fat of whole milk It will dilute the THC better and you will get more out of its effects.
  3. Over low heat, bring the contents of the saucepan to its boiling point. If you have decided to make the infusion with water you will have to add a teaspoon of butter at this point so that there is some fat in the liquid and the THC can be better mixed with it.
  4. It is time to add the marijuana to the boiling saucepan. You can do it in one of those metallic balls that are sold precisely to make natural infusions. It is a very practical accessory since you will save yourself having to strain the liquid later to drink the infusion.
  5. If you have added the marijuana directly to the saucepan without using any type of container, assume that it will stick to the edges, so that while it is simmering you will have to stir the content. Marijuana has to go cooking little by little in the liquid so that you extract all its essence from it.
  6. Bring the liquid to a boil and keep the heat low as it is important that the cannabis is cooking for at least half an hour. If the potency were too high, the liquid would simply be consumed without having had time to extract the THC from the plant.
  7. After 30 minutes, the marijuana cannabinoids have already been diluted in the milk (or in the butter water) and you can remove the cannabis from the inside of the saucepan either by straining the content or by extracting the accessory for infusions that we already had. recommended.
  8. Serve the infusion in the cups and let it rest for another five minutes before adding the honey or the sweetener that you like the most. Before taking your marijuana infusion you can incorporate other details in the recipe to make it more aromatic or tasty, such as using some type of tea or spices (cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger …).

Benefits of cannabis infusion

The effects of marijuana taken as an infusion and following this method that we have explained to you are the same as those of the smoked plant. That is, if you have chosen an indica variety, you know that you are going to enjoy a very relaxing experience both on a mental and physical level and if you have opted for a marijuana with a high concentration of CBD you will take advantage of all the therapeutic potential of the plant.

The most important thing is that you should not lose sight of the fact that these sensations usually take longer to appear. The effect of infused marijuana is not as immediate as that of smoked marijuana and usually takes up to an hour. To avoid unforeseen reactions, during this time it is important that you do not consume alcohol or cannabis, especially if it is your first contact with marijuana.

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