How to grow medical marijuana (introduction)

Medical marijuana is legalized every day in more countries, as research on its therapeutic properties progresses. The use of medicinal cannabis dates back some five thousand years, in ancient China, documented in writings of the time.

Let’s now look at some basic questions for a successful cultivation.

Plant sex

The main therapeutic molecule is cannabidiol (CBD), no psychotropic effects. Its presence in female flowers stands out and it can contain up to 25% phytocannabinoids, when dry. We must therefore focus on the female cultivation (we can use feminized seeds, which ensure that female plants and generous buds always germinate).

Is it better to grow medicinal cannabis indoors or outdoors?

Depends. This choice is important, as it conditions the varieties.

  • Culture outdoor: more easy. The plants have sun and more natural conditions, but they can also suffer from the weather, pests, etc.
  • Culture indoor: more discreet. Development conditions are fully controllable, but it is more expensive and difficult.

Growing conditions

Growing our own medical marijuana requires knowing details such as:

Grow space

To grow indoors, we will need an empty space that is easy to clean. It is important clean and disinfect it before use (with heat and humidity fungi can grow).

Indoor cultivation requires systems of hot / cold and temperature control (beware of the heat under the light bulbs), systems of ventilation to correctly distribute the CO2, humidity control (sprayers, humidifiers…) and filtering and odor control.

To better control the parameters, we can use grow cabinets, available for all types of budgets and degrees of experience.

Substrate and nutrients

We can prepare our substrate with peat mixtures, worm castings, etc. Or buy it already prepared (even paid), for greater comfort. Must always allow ventilation of the roots and avoid waterlogging. We will need to use large containers.

A adequate supply of nutrients it is essential for optimal development. Nutrients are reconstituted through fertilizer and always according to the stage of development of the plant and avoiding overfertilization, which is very harmful.

Temperature and humidity

It is convenient to maintain temperatures around 24 ºC with light and above 15 ºC in darkness. The humidity varies according to the stage of the plant:

  • Germination and growth of seedlings: higher humidity (70-80 %).
  • Vegetative growth: medium-high humidity (50-70 %).
  • Flowering: lower humidity (40-50 %).


It depends on the development phase of the plant:

  • On increase: 18 hours of light and 6 of darkness.
  • On flowering: half and half.


Irrigation is one of the most important success factors. We will carry out generous waterings, leaving several days between one irrigation and the next. In addition, we will use a water soft, chlorine-free and from neutral to slightly acidic pH.

What do you think of this guide? Use it to successfully grow medical marijuana.

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