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Indoor grow tents are a great tool for planting, but how do you grow in them?

Indoor grow cabinets

Grow cabinets allow full customization of growing conditions and are adjustable to suit the specific needs of a plant throughout the entire grow cycle. We know that it can be a complicated task if you do not know much about the subject, so we are going to give you 5 tips to plant like a professional in a grow tent.


Lighting is essential in growth, so you must use the right type and power, as well as knowing how long it should last on.

Some indicate that the lights should be placed between 50 and 60 cm from the plants (with 600w lamps) or at least 35 and 40 cm (with 400w lamps). In addition, as the plant grows, it is convenient to raise the lamp, making sure to maintain the same distance.

There are different models of specific luminaires on the market, such as HPS and HM bulbs, LED, CFL and fluorescent equipment, among many other alternatives that can be adapted to your needs.

Luminaire for marijuana plantation
Nobel professional light fixture

Ventilation and extractor

Ventilation and air renewal is very important. Try to make sure the fan is always on while you have the light on. The length of time it must remain on varies depending on the period the plant is in and other factors such as temperature and humidity.

The ventilation will allow the air to be removed from the inside of the grow tent, avoiding the formation of hot or cold air pockets.

Temperature and humidity

The ideal temperature is between 20 and 28 ° C, but it should not exceed 31 ° C or be below 17 ° C.

Furthermore, the relative humidity of the air (hygrometry) should normally be between 40 and 60%. Similarly, the humidity should not exceed 75% or be below 30%, remember that humidity causes fungus to appear.

Today there are devices that allow us to know at all times the humidity percentage of your crop, and even humidifiers and dehumidifiers to control humidity to your liking.

Irrigation and fertilization

Once you have controlled all the above factors, you can start growing in your closet.

In soil cultivation, once the cuttings have been transplanted, planted and cut, you will need a lot of watering. Keep in mind that to water again, it is advisable to wait for the substrate to lose almost all its moisture. The regularity of irrigation varies according to the stage the plant is going through, an activity that you can automate thanks to the irrigation systems that exist today.

  Big Nutriens
Big Nutriens fertilizers

Regarding the fertilizer, it is advisable to pay every two irrigations if it is plantations with substrate. But if it is coconut fiber or hydroponic systems, we must fertilize each irrigation and try to make the fertilizers according to the manufacturer’s doses and recommendations.

Avoid pests

Better safe than sorry, so it is important that you make a plan to control what happens in your crop and thus avoid the appearance of pests.

Periodically check your plants and pay close attention to their development, in this way detect any irregularities and attack with fungicides or insecticides.

Indoor grow kit
Complete grow tent kit

After these tips you no longer have an excuse to have your own indoor planting, nowadays thanks to the grow cabinets and all the tools and products for growing it is a much simpler task. In the Forbidden Flower we offer you a wide catalog of products for growing, you can also follow us on our social networks (@florprohibida) to be aware of all the news.

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