How to clean a marijuana grinder

There are many accessories that are useful to cannabis users, and the grinder of marijuana is one of the most interesting.

Among some of its benefits, we highlight that it allows the herb to be carried much more easily, in addition to achieving a smoother smoke.

There are different types of grinders, but they all have something in common; They must be cleaned very easily because they get very dirty. If you wonder how to clean a grinder, you are in the correct article.

What is a grinder and what is it used for

One grinder of Maria It is an accessory made up of 2 hollow parts that fit together. When nested, a cavity will be created where the grass is placed.

The most common is that in the same cavity we find steel nails (or other materials). When the grinder is turned, the nails will cut through the marie and it will fall apart.

Its main use is as chop the cannabis leaves or tobacco in general. Otherwise, if we had to process a bud, we would have to use our hands or a pair of scissors, and the process can be quite long and laborious.

The resin also spoils less, thus consuming a higher quality product.

How to clean a marijuana grinder step by step

Depending on the material, the process of how to clean a grinder it can be very different:

How to clean a metal grinder?

One soft soap Y Hot water They will be your greatest allies.

The most advisable thing is to disassemble all the pieces and start with the exterior ones.

  • If we are talking about a model with a pollinator, we will extract the teeth (this is where most of the resin accumulates).
  • Make sure to clean the inner chamber as well. This is where the kief and the filter mesh, elements where traces of trichomes that may remain accumulate.

You can also remove the pieces from the marijuana grinder and submerge them in ethanol for about 60 minutes or so.

How to clean a plastic grinder?

If we are talking about a plastic grinder, it is better to use boiling water than ethanol. In addition, if too strong a solvent is used, we could damage it.

If we put the grinder in boiling water, the resin will remain, but it will be softer so that it does not cost so much to remove it.

Simply disassemble the grinder, put the pieces in boiling water, let them pass for a few minutes, let them cool, and then use a toothbrush to scrub all the parts.

Once it is dry, it will be as good as new.

How to clean an electric grinder?

The bowl and blades will have to be removed. These elements will be introduced into ethyl alcohol.

Disassembly can be more or less complicated to carry out, depending on the model we are talking about. If in doubt, it is better to follow the instructions.

All you have to worry about is not putting any electrical components in alcohol. We can clean any part of the electrical mechanism with a very fine blade.

Make sure to keep this accessory in top condition. With this little guide from how to clean a grinder, you couldn’t have it easier. Just follow the correct process according to the accessory material and you will not have problems.

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