How to smoke hashish without tobacco: tips and ideas

It is not known very well where the controversy has arisen, but the truth is that it is online. Lately there is a lot of discussion about the convenience of smoking hashish without mixing it with tobacco.

Some indicate that tobacco is very addictive and others affirm that its smoke is harmful to health; hence the convenience of dispensing with it. Obviously, those two statements about tobacco are true, but there is something that does not fit us, since the same can be said about hashish. Let’s analyze the matter:

Can you smoke hashish without tobacco?

The truth is that we do not find so much debate justified. Dispense with tobacco when smoking hashish to avoid damage to health is like trying to drink whiskey by adding water, so that the liver is less affected.

And it is that both substances, tobacco and hashish, produce fumes and gases that are harmful to the lungs, as well as being addictive. Not only that, but hashish has psychoactive effects, which cannot be said for tobacco.

Nevertheless, yes it is possible to smoke hashish without tobacco. But perhaps the remedy is worse than the disease. Let’s see what systems can be used to avoid the use of tobacco, so you can judge for yourself.

Different ways to smoke hashish without tobacco

Use a hookah

You get a good hookah and buy a molasses that does not contain tobacco or nicotine. You mix the hashish with the molasses, thoroughly. You can add a little glycerin or propylene glycol to compensate for the dryness of the resulting molasses and to make the vapors more consistent.

The problem is, if you’re not used to hookah, the higher density of fumes and gases can cause you to hit a memorable ball in a matter of minutes. So try to lower the usual dose of hashish.

Mix hashish with other herbs, including marijuana

You can mix hashish with aromatic or medicinal herbs, but it won’t solve anything. The combustion of any dry herb is just as harmful as that of tobacco, and the mixture will probably taste fatal.

You can also use marijuana to mix with your hash and make it burn well. The aroma and flavor will be excellent, although the risk of THC overdose is unquestionable. Be careful not to end up in a hospital emergency department.

The most logical alternative to this system is to dispense with the use of hashish and replace it directly with marijuana leaves. The psychoactive effects will be very similar.

The vape, a questionable alternative

Obviously dissolving your hash in vaping liquid is a technique that can work. But the normal thing is that the effect is insufficient. Mixes that include a lot of hashish resin do not vaporize well and those that have little resin do not add anything at all.

Our advice is to forget it, unless you know a chemist or have advanced knowledge of alchemy.

Occurrences that do not work or are not practical

On the internet you will find endless alternative systems to consume hashish without tobacco, most of them absolutely crazy.

We refer, among many others, to the hollow stick method, the hot knives method, the mixture with yogurt and an infinite string of occurrences, possibly originating in the course of some superlative high.

By that rule of three, a good system could also be to heat the hashish to the top in a microwave oven and then insert the head to aspirate the vapors. Please, let’s be serious if we can.

To end, we will be very clear and objective:

There is no compelling reason that can compel us to consume hashish without tobacco, except the fear of the latter. But it turns out that hashish is almost as bad for our lungs and health as tobacco.

So if our objections to tobacco are related to health or addiction issues, the most coherent and reasonable decision would be to stop using hashish as well.

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