Glou-glou: the Astonishing, CBD wine

Glou-Glou is your rendezvous with natural wines from all over Europe, with forgotten grape varieties and ancient winemaking methods brought up to date.
Each week, Zeweed offers healthy wines to share with friends all day long. To drink with or without moderation, but always in the spirit of Glou-Glou.

I announced a surprise to you during the last section, and I can now reveal it to you: I tasted the CBD wines “L’Etonnement” from Domaine du Vieux Noyer, in Aveyron.
Although I was already convinced of the health benefits of CBD, I admit that I was a little skeptical about the taste qualities of CBD wines. I was apprehensive about this tasting because when it came to wine I could not bring myself to drink a medicinal or herbaceous beverage.
The Domaine du Noyer operates 15 hectares of organically grown vines, with classic southern grape varieties (Syrah) but also indigenous grape varieties, Fer Servadou in red and Mauzac in white.

In the L’Etillant range, the rosés are made from a blend of Syrah and Gamay, the reds from Syrah and Fer Servadou, the white is 100% chenin (traditional grape variety from the Loire Valley).
There is already a certain daring in the choice of the Astonishing grape varieties, and if the dosage of CBD in the wine and the manufacturing process remain secret, we know, however, that the addition of CBD is done by cold craftsmanship. Fortunately, because any heating or flash pasteurization process has very negative consequences on the taste of the wine.
A little more reassured about the origin of the CBD wines of the Astonishing, I can now start the tasting.
The rosé, of light color, presents floral (rose) and menthol aromas, on the palate it is fresh, fruity (strawberry, raspberry).
The bottle by the pool ends very, very quickly.

The white, with aromas of white fruits and flowers is also very fresh, on the palate it reveals flavors of white peach, almond and citrus.

The red is very expressive on the nose (red fruits, menthol, flowers) and on the palate it is blackcurrant which predominates, with notes of spices and menthol. A wine both rich in flavors and easy to drink.

This tasting turned out to be a pleasant surprise, and I can only recommend the L’Etonnement wines to you. They are perfect pairing wines for summer aperitifs, with a subtle dosage of CBD that does not alter the taste, with just that little extra touch of freshness.

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