Fruit Smoothie with Marijuana

Get ahead of the summer with a tasty and refreshing recipe that makes you savor the good weather with the effects of your favorite marijuana. To enjoy a marijuana fruit smoothie, all you need is to make a selection of the best raw material. The rest, as they say, is sewing and singing.

Prepare cannabis flour

As this time we are going to ingest the cannabis directly in a smoothie mixed with fruits, we have thought that the best option of all is to turn the buds into a powder that is as fine as possible. What is known in cannabis cuisine as cannabis flour.

Obtaining it is very simple. The trick is that the flowers are very dry. To do this, you have to put the buds in the oven at 150ºC for 10 minutes or for 2 minutes in the microwave (if you have an oven, the result is always a little better and you see that it will not take much longer).

Once dry, let them cool a bit and carefully separate the stems from the flowers. You will notice that they are crispy. Perfect! With a coffee grinder, in small quantities and thanks to the fact that they are so crunchy, you can grind the buds without problems and obtain your fine powder. cannabis flour.

If you don’t have buds and you want to try another type of less psychoactive but equally pleasant recipe, you can carry out this same process with marijuana leaves. You cannabis flour It will be an even finer product so it is convenient that you pass it through a sieve to clean it of impurities.

Much more than a tasty smoothie

Surely what you most want at this time is not only a nutritious and tasty combination of fruity flavors. Stalls having a snack with marijuana, his thing is that the recipe you use comes with a built-in surprise. Let’s first see the ingredients that you will need and then we will get to work.

strawberry banana marijuana smoothieIngredients for the marijuana smoothie

  • 8 strawberries
  • 3 bananas.
  • 400 ml of whole milk.
  • 1 natural yogurt.
  • Sugar.
  • Cinnamon.
  • 4 g of cannabis flour.

Preparation of the shake

So that your marijuana shake has its funny Beyond the exquisite combination of banana and strawberry (a classic duo that always triumphs), you are going to have to put the cannabinoids in the marijuana you use on a war footing. To do this, you just have to do what we have already taught you in all our recipes: heating the marijuana and extracting the THC.

So pour the milk into a saucepan and put it to heat together with the cannabis flour (the one you have obtained from buds or leaves, depending on your preference) and without boiling, let it heat for at least 15 minutes , so that the herb releases all its essence. Later, while you let it cool down, prepare the fruit.

Chop the bananas and strawberries. You don’t have to be too careful in this step because the truth is that everything will end up in the blender along with the natural yogurt. Beat it well to mix and add the sugar and a little cinnamon to give it a special touch. There are those who prefer to use honey or who substitute cinnamon for a teaspoon of ginger. Any option is welcome. We have gone to the most traditional to leave you free when it comes to doing experiments as a cannabis cook. By the way, if you need inspiration we can also recommend that you try substitute the plain yogurt for two scoops of vanilla ice cream. It is not exactly the most light But if you have guests with a really sweet tooth, you are guaranteed success with this little variation of the recipe.

Finally, we only have to mix the fruit with the milk that you have previously heated together with the cannabis. Ideally, serve the shake very cold, so it may be best to put the two mixes in the fridge separately for a long time. If you join them too early, the only thing you will achieve is that the shake becomes so thick that in the end, instead of with a straw, you have to take it with a knife and fork.

When everything is cool enough, strain the milk with the cannabis flour and mix the resulting liquid with the fruits. You still have time to give it another beat of the mixer before serving so that the union is perfect. And it’s ready. Enjoy your harvest in a very natural way!

Here we leave you a coffee with marijuana shake that is delicious too.

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