Foods That Increase the Effects of Smoking

Certain food combinations share some chemistry. Strawberries with chocolate, hot bread with butter, dates with bacon, avocado with prawns … They are small culinary delights that you have surely experienced on more than one occasion and you may have wondered, Why is this so delicious?

It is not the product of chance. It is a question of chemistry. The chemistry of food. Something that is undoubtedly also very present when smoking a joint. And is that when you are going to consume marijuana you have many ways to make your favorite herb not only taste even better but also have even more intense effects.

Would you like to know some of those tricks to make the cannabis you consume give you greater happiness than it usually causes you? In this post we show some of the culinary combinations with which you can squeeze the best out of your marijuana.

The secrets of cannabis and a good diet

It is not a grandmother thing. We already know that to be healthy it is an essential condition to be well fed. What you may not have known is that also to enjoy marijuana more you are interested in eating a varied, healthy and balanced diet that includes some food groups that, due to their particular composition, play a leading role in the start-up process. of the endocannabinoid system of your body.

When the chemical substances naturally present in these foods interact with the endocannabinoid receptors of the human body (CB1 and CB2), it is as if they open doors and windows to the entry of the cannabinoids present in marijuana, in such a way that the effects of this they are experienced in a much more intense way than you would normally do if you did not consume this type of food.

And what foods are we talking about? You will be surprised to know that most of these master keys towards new states of experimentation with cannabis are really foods that are very present in our daily lives and to which we have easy access, only that perhaps it had never crossed your mind to combine them with the consumption of marijuana.

Now you have the possibility of improving the quality of the herb you have by adding these little food details to your smokes. They are undoubtedly a good resource when the material you have does not meet the expectations you wanted in terms of the intensity of the effects or when you are simply interested in reducing your cannabis use a bit knowing that you can enjoy equally intense sensations even when you use quantities of grass somewhat smaller.

Mango: exoticism and power

mango with cannabis

Mango, especially ripe mango, contains a type of terpene called myrcene. Terpenes and cannabinoids are in charge of interacting with the endocannabinoid system of the body, as we have already mentioned, and therefore of modulating the effects produced by the consumption of marijuana.

In this case with myrcene we refer to a terpene that forces the cells of this system to be much more permeable to the passage of THC. This means that when you consume cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol finds the green light and the borders wide open to pass. THC easily crosses the blood-brain barriers to provide you with a much faster and more intense high, noticeable from the first puffs regardless of the variety of marijuana you are smoking.

Is mango the only fruit that contains this magical terpene? It is not the only one, although perhaps it is the most tasty, exotic and easy to find. But the truth is that myrcene is present in other natural products such as lemongrass or verbena, both plants that have been used for centuries in traditional medicine. Either as a fruit or as an infusion, to notice the effects of the myrcene present in these natural species it is advisable to consume them at least 45 minutes before cannabis, so that the body has time to assimilate them, although it is true that this depends a lot on the metabolism of each person.

Chocolate for smokers gourmets

marijuana chocolate

Another curious food is chocolate. In this case, its power to increase the effects of cannabis use is due to the presence of anandamide, a substance that is related to THC in the sense that both have the ability to release dopamine, popularly known as pleasure hormone.

Smoking cannabis and eating chocolate is a very common practice among expert smokers and with an exquisite palate. And this combination has many advantages. On the one hand, we have already said that thanks to its anandamide content, chocolate favors the increase of the effects of THC in your body as well as the production of serotonin, another hormone that causes well-being. On the other hand, it helps the eyes become less red. And most important of all: the chocolate will give you a feeling of fullness when you enter the only with those kinds of marijuana strains that you get to eat with. Of course, not just any type of chocolate is valid: it has to be with at least 70% cocoa.

Other foods that favor the absorption of THC

In this blog we have already commented on previous occasions how pleasant it is to have a marijuana tea. But it is that in addition to being pleasant, it comes in handy to better enjoy the effects of your herb. Tea (mainly the green and black varieties) contains catechin, an antioxidant that combines very well with CB1 in terms of increasing relaxation and improving mood.

You can also add to your cannabis diet a handful of walnuts, rich in Omega3, a healthy fat with which the psychoactive effects of marijuana are better absorbed, or eating more green vegetables like broccoli (how right the grandmothers were!) that thanks to the anti-inflammatory effects of beta-caryophyllene (another type of terpene) increase the calming and anxiolytic properties of marijuana.

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