Excesses and deficiencies of nutrients in cannabis plants

If you grow cannabis, you will have noticed on certain occasions that its leaves tend to have different colors. To a large extent, these colors are due to the different varieties of strains or phenotypes that exist. As long as this is the reason, and we do not have any problems, we should not worry. The problem is when we have doubts about the health of our plants, since a serious problem may be occurring, in the lack of nutrients or, failing that, an excess. In today’s article we show you some excesses and deficiencies in marijuana plants. Learn what the state of your plants is due to and remedy it before it is later. Let’s get started!

Why Do Marijuana Leaves Turn Yellow?

We don’t want to get too technical at this point, as we have already written on our blog about why cannabis plants turn yellow. Quite simply, in most cases, the discoloration of the leaves of your plants can be due to the lack of some of the nutrients they need. Sometimes due to improper nutrition or the simple fact of forgetting about its application in its different cycles.

The question you will be asking yourself is: How do I avoid that?

Cannabis deficiencies and excesses Why is your plant in this state?

Culture medium


When we grow cannabis, all elements must be premeditated for total success.

That is, when we choose the substratum, this must contain all the necessary nutrients. Likewise, said place must contain a good air circulation, which allows the roots to grow much faster and with much more force thanks to the fertilizers and other aggregates.

If we prepare our cultivation in a land with low quality, only orwe will have a weak harvest, Thus, the quality of your crop is strongly associated with the entire system developed for its growth and strength.

Fertilizer use


The quality of cannabis fertilizers that we use in our cannabis cultivation and the choice of it during its phases are also a determining factor in quality.

The deficiencies of some missing nutrients in the fertilizers cause this discoloration, so a suitable fertilizer should be a priority.

Lack of irrigation

The irrigation system for the cannabis plant it is one of the most complicated. This will influence positively or negatively depending on our choice.

The best advice you can get to prevent this from happening is water when needed as long as the soil is not damp.

On the other hand, you must be careful with the water temperature. Avoid watering with very cold or very hot water, since the roots of the plants can be affected.

Also avoid watering in summer if the plant has been in the sun for a long time.

Bad choice of pots


The choice of pots where to grow your plants positively influences their growth. If you want to have good quality plants grown outdoors, the white pots and made of plastic material are ideal.

Instead, black pots are recommended for indoor crops, always complying with the size recommendations according to the variety to be grown.

Poor care


There is nothing that affects a plant as much as having it surrounded by other nearby plants around it.

This proximity can cause diseases to be transmitted between them, so it would be advisable to maintain a safe distance between them to avoid this problem.

This occurs because salts accumulate, encouraging root rot, so we always recommend keeping the growing area clean and not disturbing its ecosystem.

Excess Marijuana Nutrients


An excess of nutrients is an accumulation of salts and minerals that greatly affects the growth and flowering metabolism of the cannabis plant. Here are the most common problems.

Excess by nutrients from uncontrolled fertilizers

You cannot use any type of fertilizer, for your marijuana plant to reach its maximum vitality you need to add the one indicated according to its stage and the growing media, in addition to following the doses recommended by the manufacturer.

Poor irrigation management

Another common problem starts when we use more water than the plant needs, this prevents the absorption of nutrients, it stops growing and developing, because its roots rot.

Over-Irrigation Marijuana symptoms


Burnt leaves

One of the best ways to know if your cannabis plant is being affected by excess watering is by checking its leaves. A yellow and necrotizing discoloration usually appears on the edges of these, indicating a possible over-watering.

Claw blades

On other occasions, a much darker green color than natural is appreciated and the leaves begin to contract, giving the sensation of a claw due to their downward curvature.

Essential nutrients in marijuana

For our crop to grow strong we need to know which are the groups of nutrients that increase its vitality and development. These groups are:


Macronutrients are essential during the development and flowering stages. A good amount of macronutrients will help your plant grow healthy, strong and resistant.


They create the perfect balance in plant chemistry and are composed of iron, manganese, chlorine, zinc, copper, boron and molybdenum.

Secondary nutrients

These provide vitality and more health to the plant, making it more resistant to external agents and contributing to its growth.

Now that you know everything about the deficiencies and nutrients to grow your cannabis plants, what do you expect to improve their health and vitality, constantly reviewing them and making sure they have all the properties they need to be bigger and stronger every day.

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