Benefits of silicone for smoking marijuana

The paraphernalia made with this material will make your life much easier.

Since its arrival, silicone has changed the paraphernalia market, becoming a real revolution. From silicone bongs or pipes to all kinds of accessories such as cans, trays, covers for lighters, dabbers, masks or even gamer rings to hold a joint.

But what are the reasons that lead people to use these products? With our experience in the sector and the opinions of our customers, we have compiled the benefits of using silicone paraphernalia.

5 benefits of silicone

  1. Flexibility. Silicone is a flexible and heat resistant material, therefore, we can fold and put it in a backpack without breaking. Silicone bongs are perfect for travel or festivals.
  1. Cleaning. It is a very easy to clean material, it is antibacterial and also does not leave any type of smell or taste, a characteristic that will help us to have all our articles without any type of residue or strange taste.
Cleaning a bong
  1. Durability. The biggest drawback of glass is that it breaks and because of a silly stumble from your colleague while you are smoking you can be left without your favorite bong. The silicone paraphernalia does not break and is also more durable over time.
  1. Anti Adherent. You will never again have problems with those resin residues that remain stuck and it is so difficult for you to remove, absolutely nothing will stick to you.
  1. Design. There is a wide variety of designs, colors, sizes, shapes and models of all kinds of paraphernalia that make it unique, such as a skull-shaped boat or this tray with pokemon print.
Silicone tray with pokemon print

If you have been wanting to try silicone, there is no excuse to get your first product. Find a wide variety of paraphernalia and items for smokers with silicone at the best price on our website

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