Drying and Curing of Cannabis buds

The final fragrance and flavor are directly related to the feeding of the plant. The point is that I planted them in February (mid, early March) and since they are planted I have not put any type of product on them, since I wanted them to be as natural and wild as possible. Longer healing periods are not bad, as long as and in all circumstances and at the time you remember to check for mold or fungus multiple times a week. Find a good place to dry and heal your marijuana, it is very essential when avoiding unfavorable environmental conditions and thus achieving quality marijuana.

I have three Shark Haze plants (in Barcelona, ​​on a terrace). OK In this way, your marijuana will not only stay dry and in excellent condition, but when you want to enjoy it, it will preserve its properties in its entirety. They prefer to have them for a couple of months or more and others choose to heal them in a couple of weeks. Therefore, we will pack the yerba in hermetic jars and we will hold them in a dark and cool place, without great alterations in temperature. Today I have harvested many plants, but they were small, quite small, I even killed white things that were caterpillars in a better state, who knows how. I don’t know whether to wait a bit but or to cut it now.

Another trick that is still more used is to press the branch, it must creak when bending, but not split or bend without inconvenience. Once evenly dry, they are ready to be stored in sealed airtight containers. As always and at all times so fast in their responses AutoCultivo.

They will measure little but one meter when I think they should have reached 2. After months of work, the desired moment of tasting arrives. While we carry out this process we can carry out a tasting every month, and we will observe the evolution that our marijuana undergoes throughout the process. The buds should be stored in an airtight container, preferably vacuum sealed, in a dry, cool and dark environment until the moment of being consumed. When the time comes to trim the plant, you must cut each and every one of the buds, but leaving certain parts of the plant (the lower parts) with leaves. In addition, we can take advantage of these remains and carry out a resin extraction. However, the care does not end with its collection.

In order for them to sniff again as before, you must put them in hermetically sealed jars and you will see that in a few weeks they will regain their aroma and flavor. Greetings; Thank you for giving us these tips, I am new to this, hence it is not wrong to consult. The curing process will last from 2 to 6 weeks, also depending on the time. The frequent curing technique is to use glass jars. It is also essential that the room has more darkness than light. And what other but reserved way could dry it and what. The curing process can take 2 to 6 weeks, until the moment when marijuana reaches its humidity point perfect. Thank you very much from a grower trying to go from beginner to beginner.

If you start by putting them in boxes directly, the danger of mold is very high. And you’re going to tell me how that automatic Haze tastes and how it behaves.

What dry and cure The cannabis harvest is something we must know to get the most out of our harvests of Self-cultivation. Several of us want it dry as soon as possible to take our first joint to our mouths, and we use all kinds of techniques, which do not end up being pleasant to the taste at all, even if they take away the desire to smoke marijuana. In this article, we are going to teach you, according to our method, how to dry and heal your cannabis plants once they are collected.


Cannabis drying

Each one leaves them in their own way, some peel them in our pot, others cut them by branches, others remove only the huge leaves and leave the small ones, others strip the buds leaf by leaf until only flower remains … Whatever your style, you have to first, peel your plants. Depending on how you peel it, it will take more or less time to dry it. The advisable thing for us is that it dries in about 15 or 20 days, and only by drying crops, you know how long it takes in your drying space.

We will always need a drying space, which is dark, ventilated but without drafts, dry and free of humidity, otherwise we will be in danger of losing all production due to fungi.

If it takes you a short time to dry like this, like 5 or 6 days, it is really advisable that when you harvest, remove only the leaves that have become ugly, or the very huge leaves, letting the small leaves wrap the bud when we hang the whole plant, upside down, making the drying slow down a bit. Maybe this way you will get it to dry in two weeks, and then it is not difficult to remove the dry leaves, they basically fall off on their own.

If it happens the other way around, it never dries out, the highlight is that you peel it well of leaves, cut branch by branch, and shops in clothes lines. It may be because you have a lot of humidity in your drying space and you need a dehumidifier, but if you can avoid using it, it is better, since it creates heat and is not very advisable.

We must leave the grass hanging drying, until when we bend the branches and they bend but do not creak. It is an intermediate point, where it will be dry on the outside, which is seen to be dry at this moment, but there is still some moisture left on the trunk that causes the branch not to creak when bending. With the experience, you will know better when that point is, but once it is reached, it is the moment to begin the curing of our cannabis.

Cannabis curing

At this time that we have our dry herb, it is our turn to heal our herb. What is heal cannabis? Since it is to macerate the chlorophyll, so that your buds do not taste like leaves when you smoke them. Chlorophyll is the greenness of the plant, which we must rot (yes, macerate is rot) so that it disappears from our buds and they are somewhat more yellow than green, getting that radioactive brown color that the most powerful buds have that you have smoked or seen in images. How do we macerate our buds? Simple, putting them in airtight jars.

When our branches do not creak when bending but are close to carrying it out, we must put our cannabis in glass or plastic jars, without pressing it, so that it is aerated as high as possible. We put it basically dry, only the trunks are damp a bit, that if you try to make a joint, the sprig of the bud is soft and you realize that it is not yet to smoke (all the hurries like me, we understand what that point is ..) .

Drying and Curing of Cannabis buds, Self-cultivation

The next day, we open all the boats again for a while to let them air out. Surprisingly, the buds are going to be soft again, as if you had cut them 5 days ago. It is because the humidity of the trunk has been distributed again throughout the material, and it returns to being whole wet. If you see that it is very cold, as if it were freshly cut instead, it is feasible that you have put it in the pot soon enough and you have to remove it all from the pot and spread it another day or two on a drying mesh before putting it back on. put in the pot, and if it is rough, you have put it quite late. More or less it should be as if you have cut it 4 or 5 days ago, a little dry, but not to smoke is the point.

If everything is fine, more or less soft but not completely damp, it must be left in the glass jar and opened every day for 5 or 10 minutes, in a place without much humidity, to air the jar and allow it to dry out properly. little by little. About 10 or 15 days making the development of opening the bottles, your cannabis will dry completely little by little, giving way to the development of healing. Once your buds are dry, crisp and fluffy at the same time, you can leave your jars closed. About a month after having the cans closed, they will already have much more capacity than at the beginning, and their highest point is at 6 months, beyond which it can be stored for up to 2 years, from there it degrades, although we do not wish.

We already have our herb that is suitable for smoking and that will take you further than where it would have taken you if you simply dried it, with a taste that you did not imagine, and progressing all the properties of some diversity.

More or less the system of how to dry and heal your cannabis crop well and why we do it is explained. If you have any questions, do not think about asking. If you have problems with the smell of cannabis during the drying of your plants, in the following article, we will explain how to carry out the drying controlling the stink so that you do not have problems with the neighbors, nor offer alarms to sausages and lumber.

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