Discover 5 different ways to take CBD oil

If you have come across this article it is because you are surely considering the possibility of take CBD oil in any of its forms. It may be due to desperation to try to calm some muscle pain or problems like arthritis, the insomnia, the anxiety or other health-related problems. Well, now it will be up to you to decide what is the best way to do it. Depending on the method you choose, CBD will be distributed in a different way throughout your body and will affect how much you can take. In this post we will explain all the ways to take it and how it works in each of them. Let’s go there!

How to take CBD oil?

Swallowed directly by mouth

The CBD oil Administered orally, it enters directly into the digestive system and is absorbed through the bloodstream, which is responsible for carrying it to the different parts of the body.


It is one of the simplest and most discreet ways to take it. Just swallow several drops of CBD oil or mix it with water or food to mix its flavor in case you don’t like it.

Orally, it is the slowest route of introduction into the human body, however, it is the one that keeps the body active for the longest amount of time.

Orally, it is the slowest route of introduction into the human body, however, it is the one that keeps the body active for a longer amount of time.

Swallowed with meals

Another way we can take our CBD is through food. So that we know so far, the CBD can a better absorption with a full stomach.

take-cbd-oil-mealsThis is due to two concepts, the bioavailability and the first-pass metabolism. The first term refers to the amount of CBD that enters the human body and the rate at which it is distributed throughout the body.

A high bioavailability allow your body to require a least amount of any substance to make effector. On the contrary, a low bioavailability will make your body need more substance to take effect.

Food makes this bioavailability at the time of take CBD oil improve, especially if you consume high fat foods What Red meat, fish, avocado or nuts, so we can assure you that including CBD in meals can have significant effects.

The first-pass metabolism it is an inactivation that any drug can undergo before the substance enters the bloodstream.

This is because some substances are first metabolized by the liver, causing their bioavailability to decrease.

Some substances are first metabolized by the liver, which reduces their bioavailability.

Orally under the tongue

The CBD oil It can also be taken by applying a few drops under the tongue.

This method makes the CBD pass directly into the bloodstream thanks to the capillary areas located under the tongue.


Taken this way we avoid first-pass metabolism, which we talked about in the previous paragraph. The amount of substance that we take is not processed by the liver, but is distributed directly to the blood.

Keeping the CBD oil for a couple of minutes before swallowing is essential to promote its absorption. Contact with the mouth and even with the teeth increases the contact with the capillaries.

Inhaled through a vape

Taking inhaled CBD oil is also a good way to go.

Inhaling it through a vape makes CBD goes directly to the lungs, which causes it to be transmitted directly to the blood. However, although it is a fast route of entry, its duration and effectiveness is less than when ingested orally.


CBD can also be consumed by smoking CBD flowers. These CBD flowers are 100% legal as long as your THC content is less than 0.2%. In addition, it is very easy to acquire them, since you can buy them in many Grow Shops or tobacconists.

Some vaporizers use much slower temperatures, that allow not to burn to a large extent the cannabinoids and the terpenesWhile other CBD aerosol inhalers are responsible for delivering a fresh extract to the lungs and free of these potentially harmful substances.

Topical route

CBD administered directly into the body and absorbed through the skin creates a relaxing effect on areas of the body with pain. Once it is applied and spent time on the surface of the skin it will begin to take effect and the pain will begin to diminish little by little.


The use of cannabis creams has become fashionable in recent years thanks to its effectiveness and ease of purchase. Many creams, gels, or lotions made with cannabis have been shown to have a number of therapeutic effects that help treat pain, inflammation, and dermatitis.

This topical application does not enter the blood directly, but stays on the skin and is gradually absorbed.

What is your way of taking CBD? Have we left any behind? Are you getting results? Let us know in the comments.

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