Difference between marijuana and hashish

Is my hash good quality?

There are different methods of evaluating the quality of hashish. The factors in which you should look to know if our hashish is of quality or not.

1. Color

The hashish extracted by dry sieving must have different colors. The main one is Brown color with a little yellow or reddish. In the case that it is not very pressed the color should be more consistent, while in the case that it is very pressed it should have a darker color on the outside and lighter on the inside.
The hash that has been rubbed in should be a dark brown almost black color, and it should not be too green in color, as this would mean that it contains a lot of plant material inside.

2. Consistency

On the other hand, the sifted hashish should not be too dry, if it were your case; This must be because it was not well stored or because it had filling.
A quality hash should have a soft, crumbly consistency with a little oil, since it must be softened enough.
The desired consistency for a lightly pressed, dry sifted hash is soft, crumbly, and a little oily or sticky to the touch. Highly pressed, dry sifted hash can be stickier and oily, and can be very hard, but will soften enough to be consumed if mild heat is applied.
Hand rubbed hash can vary greatly in consistency. Normally, it should be dense and uniform, and not too sticky, as this may indicate the presence of added oils.
In contrast, some types of hand-rubbed hashish are very sticky and can turn almost liquid when heated.

3. Flavor

It is one of the most important factors, it can vary greatly between the different types. Hash that is sifted tends to have a more earthy flavor than hashish that is rubbed by hand. The latter tends to have a more floral flavor.
However, this is not a general rule, since the taste of hashish depends largely on the variety of the cannabis plant and not so much on the technique of extracting resin from the buds.

4. Bubble test

The bubble test is a pretty good method of identifying the quality of our hash. The process consists of splitting a piece of hashish and applying a clean flame (we use a butane lighter instead of a match).
Two options can pass:
– That the piece begins to bubble perceptibly under the flame and white smoke comes out. If this situation occurs we will know that the hashish is of quality.
– In the event that the smoke produced is black and there are traces of soot in the hashish when the fire is removed, it lets us know that there may be polluting elements. And therefore that the hashish is not of quality.

Why don’t you try the whole process? From the marijuana seed, through cultivation and extraction to the bubble test.

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