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Hello to all of our #Madamegrowers We want to wish you on behalf of the entire Madamegrow team a HAPPY 2021 and a good entry of the year. The first post of the year is quite curious as well as very useful in some cases.

The main topic of this post will be the apical pruning of the cannabis plant. As all of our #Madamegrowers already know, there is a wide variety of marijuana pruning such as al lollypop, FIM pruning, all of them have the same objective to increase production, control vertical growth and control size.

apical pruning of the cannabis plant

a system suitable for cultivating indoors and outdoors. This technique consists of cutting the upper part of the plant, in order to control the growth of the plant, causing side shoots and more branches laterally. For each cut that we make to each arm, 2 arms will grow in the shape of a Y. Even if we do not accept the central cup, we will not lose any weight, because smaller buds will grow but much more.

If we want to do the apical pruning for the marijuana plant to be effective we must make a clean cut, although we must wait at least for it to develop three knots. Once it reaches this growth of the plant we can apply the apical pruning that we want.

The clean cut it is carried out flush with the surface of the third node, leaving three pairs of branches laterally. Just above the last 2 arms, we will grow 2 more open, giving the plant a Y shape.

We must be careful when we cut the eye, since it can enter into a stress process and your plant can suffer. In this case we have a perfect product to solve stress problems. LACALVA STRESS TREATMENT, with a balanced recipe of NPK With a high content of amino acids, bioencapsulated manganese and secret ingredients, it is recommended for times of stress and maximum demand of your therapeutic plant or hemp plants, making them stronger and protecting them from any need or attack. Its use in phase changes is recommended, as well as when there is a lack of nutrients or the plant suffers an attack, specifically designed by MADAME GROW for moments of maximum need, it provides all the macro and micro elements necessary to overcome moments of stress.

Not all sativa varieties react in the same way to pruning. Each one acts differently due to its structure, or the shape of its buds. Two arms of the cut eye can grow, but these grow in a horizontal direction, so we reject a good central cup in exchange for two small buds.

This technique is used in indoor crops with the aim of controlling the size and taking advantage of the same space by placing fewer plants, but with the disadvantage that there is a longer waiting time for growth.

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