Cutting the leaves of marijuana plants: Is it necessary?

The leaves of marijuana plants are essential to carry out the photosynthesis process. This process is responsible for transforming organic matter into the food that plants need thanks to the capture of sunlight by the leaves. Besides being a fundamental piece for the development of the plant, these leaves are an infinite well of information about the state of the same. On some occasions it is necessary to proceed to cutting the leaves of marijuana plants to pave the way for the development of the other leaves. In today’s article we want to tell you about the function of plant leaves and how and when to cut them. We started!

Cutting the leaves of marijuana plants: Is it necessary?


We have to say that it would be much easier to give the correct answer to this statement with a simple yes or no, but we are not going to do it. The correct thing is that you learn for yourself the function they perform. In this way you will better understand the importance of the leaves of any plant.

Function of the leaves of marijuana plants

The leaves of marijuana plants not only serve to breathe, they also allow the plant to serve as storage for minerals and other nutritional elements.

The lower part of the leaves, called “underside” is full of stomata, some microscopic pores present on all leaves that are responsible for absorbing carbon dioxide while expelling Water Y oxygen.

These stomata They open and close depending on the incidence of light on the plants, so when it falls on it, the stomata they open up and absorb the amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) necessary to carry out photosynthesis.

As you may have already noticed, the leaves of the cannabis plant are green, but do you know why? By chlorophyll.


The chlorophyll it’s a green pigment found in the leaves of plants and that makes them act as solar panels to capture sunlight. This sunlight is essential to transform solar energy into food assimilated by plants through the process of photosynthesis.

The health of the plant not only depends on the state of its leaves, it also depends on the substrate quality and his metabolism. If he substrate for cannabis plants is of poor quality, the plants could develop chlorosis, which would end up contaminating the leaves (turning them yellow) and infecting the others.

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What parts is the marijuana leaf made of?


The leaves of cannabis plants have several parts:

  • Nerves: The vascular system of the leaves distributes the nutrients sent by the root through the plant.
  • Petiole: The petiole is the appendage of the leaf that attaches it to the stem and holds it.
  • Rachis: The union of the petioles with the leaflets.
  • Leaflets: The parts of the leaf in which the blade is divided.
  • Limbo: The blade is the widest part of the leaf and it is divided into the lower part and the upper part, which are the rear part and the front part respectively.
  • do: Top of the sheet.
  • Underside: Lower part of the leaf, where the stomata of which we have spoken previously are found.

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What happens if I cut the leaves of my plant?

Cutting the leaves of your cannabis plants does not make any sense if they are healthy. The ideal in this case is to gradually remove the damaged leaves from the vines, although some of them may end up giving way and falling to the ground on their own. In this way, healthy leaves could continue to do their job.

The leaves of plants that are slightly damaged can be carefully removed from the strain. If they are especially damaged, you will even have to choose to prune the branch.

As we have pointed out in the introduction to this text, the leaves of plants offer a great deal of information that we must learn to interpret. If any of the cannabis pests attacks our plants, the first indication of its state will occur through the leaves, which will allow us to quickly know where the problem is.

If they are pests like that of the Red spider or the aphid, it would be necessary to remove the sheets that are damaged and then apply a insecticide to help kill the insect.

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When and why cut the large leaves of your marijuana plant?


It is not advisable to cut leaves from your plant during its growing season. unless they are damaged leaves, either because they have become a yellowish color or they are dry. Do not remove its green leaves, since They are of vital importance for the development and growth of the plant.

In the flowering phase, around its 7th week, you should cut the large leaves of your plant to avoid blocking the entrance of light to other leaves. If these large leaves prevent the others from receiving light, the growth of the buds will be affected.

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