Cannabis festivals around the world

B2B fairs, music festivals, conference cycles: the cannabis festivals flourish across the world. The Weedy team takes you today on a world tour of some of the must-see events, from Barcelona to Kathmandu, from Medellin to Montreal.

En route!

Just like derivative products, cannabis events are on the rise across the world

Spain: Spannabis, the largest cannabis fair in the world

Let’s start in Europe with what is arguably the biggest festival dedicated to cannabis, and also the most famous on this side of the Atlantic. For 3 days each spring, Spannabis welcomes growers and cannabis enthusiasts to Barcelona every year, as well as all the best in the sector. Doctors, scientists and politicians come here to hold conferences particularly attended by representatives of the sector. To Cannabis Cup It also attracts interest, by rewarding the best strains of the moment, including a special prize for the strain with the highest level of CBD.

Italy: Bologna Indica Sativa Trade puts seeds in the spotlight

A stone’s throw from Barcelona, ​​on the other side of the Mediterranean, theIndicates Sativa Trade of Bologna emphasizes the cultivation of cannabis and its social aspects. In addition to the seed growers who are present in number and honored, the Indica Sativa Trade thus makes a point of honor to consider cannabis from a political, cultural and economic perspective. Professionals in the hemp industry and cannabis defense associations all contribute to the debate in order to raise awareness and, one day, achieve cannabis legalization in Italy.

Colombia: Latin America represented by ExpoMedeWeed

L’expo ExpoMedeWeed describes itself as a trade fair devoted to medical cannabis. Organized in Medellin, Colombia, the cannabis festival is the largest in the country and definitely a major player in the South American scene. In 2019, more than 10,000 visitors went there. They had the opportunity to take advantage of stands dedicated to cannabis culture, places of discussion and numerous conferences related to the development of the sector. ExpoMedeWeed is above all a place of meeting point for professionals in the hemp industry who can expand their network, negotiate their next contracts and meet investors.

Jamaïque : Stepping High Festival

Cannabis music festivals are numerous
Cannabis music festivals are numerous

Who better than Jamaica can claim its expertise in cannabis and reggae music ? That’s good, these are precisely the two cultural objects honored by the Stepping High Festival taking place each year in Negril, a seaside resort on the west coast of Jamaica. Contrary to some popular belief, cannabis has been banned in Jamaica since 1913. The Stepping High Festival therefore began as an underground event, which has grown since the decriminalization of weed in 2015. This special status makes it the oldest “ ganja music experience As the festival describes itself, from the Caribbean.

Israel: CannaTech, the technical cannabis festival

Israel is a country at the forefront of research and development in the cannabis industry. It is also Israeli teams who have succeeded in isolating the CBD molecule as well as that of THC. The country was also one of the first to authorize cannabis for therapeutic use, as early as the 1990s. It is therefore no coincidence that CanaTech, a summit dedicated to cannabis and all its technical aspects (scientific research, new technologies, etc.), comes straight from Israel. Became a global event with editions in Switzerland, Australia, Hong Kong, Panama, UK and South Africa, it remains widely established in Tel Aviv, its most famous edition.

Nepal: Asian Hemp Summit reveals the potential of the Asian market

Organized in Kathmandu, Nepal, theAsian Hemp Summit brings together politicians, investors, environmental groups and cannabis enthusiasts. Together, they discuss the issues related to the evolution of the cannabis industry. The event aims to be global, but obviously emphasizes the Asian market potential, still very little involved in the sector but still having growing opportunities.

Australia: Activists’ Mardi Grass

Mardi Grass is an annual cannabis festival held in Nimbin, Australia. In the open air, open to all and completely free, it brings together amateurs and activists with the aim of protest, educate and celebrate hemp in all its forms. Generalist and guaranteed without the fuss, Mardi Grass strives to contribute to change with joy and good humor.

Canada: Cannabis expo Montreal

Canada has outright legalized cannabis. Dedicated festivals are therefore multiplying there. On the French-speaking side, it is undoubtedly the Cannabis expo Montreal that attracts the most attention. Turned towards the business development, it is primarily aimed at manufacturers and players in medical cannabis. For non-professionals, the first cannabis festival in Quebec City should nevertheless be more suitable for a visit.

United States: Women Grow, because cannabis isn’t just a men’s business

It’s hard to choose just one cannabis-related festival taking place in the United States as there are so many of them. However, Women Grow is special enough to find its place here. Indeed, the main purpose of the event is to allow women in the sector to meet, learn and create the future of the cannabis sector. What to shake up the codes.

International: World Cannabis Day (April 20/420)

420 is a beloved number by cannabis enthusiasts around the world
420 is a beloved number by cannabis enthusiasts around the world

Finally, how can we talk about cannabis festivals around the world without mentioning the world cannabis day ? Depending on the year and location, many events are organized on April 20 (20/4, or 4/20 in English), a date directly referring to 420, the symbolic number par excellence for cannabis enthusiasts. With the health restrictions linked to Covid-19, more and more meetings between amateurs and activists are also being organized online.

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