5 Products to Grow Marijuana

Having a marijuana grow at home does not always have to involve a huge outlay in material. The degree of professionalism with which you decide to carry out your crops will depend on many factors, including the space you have, your previous experience as grower and obviously the budget that you are willing to invest in this hobby.

The love of cultivation entails some demands

As with other hobbies, there are a series of requirements that you will not be able to do without if you decide to grow your own marijuana at home. Nobody thinks of putting together models without having the right tools to assemble the pieces, right? The same thing happens with marijuana plants. If you want your crop to come to fruition, even if it is a single pot, you are going to have to invest some time and money in a series of essential products.

On the other hand, marijuana is a very demanding type of plant and it is normal that you frequently have to correct aspects of its cultivation such as light, humidity or temperature in the event that you are practicing an indoor cultivation, and others such as the pH of the substrate, the water or the use of fertilizers, something common in all types of crops, even if you live in a paradise with a tropical climate and with the most favorable conditions to grow your grass outdoors.

In any case, in this post we are going to focus on something very specific. We will leave for another moment all those accessories with which you could mount a super professional crop and we will go directly to the essence. TO the basics to grow a marijuana plant in a pot and with soil substrate. To become a professional league cannabiculturist, you must first have a well-learned lesson from the basics.

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Top 5 essential products for basic cannabis cultivation

Do you remember when in school they made you germinate lentil seeds in yogurt pots? Well, we are going to put ourselves in that plan and we are going to start with the basics to gradually add to your marijuana crop 5 essential products for its correct evolution in each of its phases.

Root stimulants

Just as a house is started with the foundation, the success of a marijuana plant begins with a well-built root system. Working well on the development of the roots is an obligation that the grower must assume from the first weeks of cultivation. But since it is something that is not in sight, many times it escapes us.
It turns out that marijuana is not exactly one of the most active plants in terms of root expansion, so you will need a little help if you want them to grow quickly and in quantity, giving the plant a good basis for their food and for their stability when it starts to grow vertically.
How can we get it? Through the use of stimulating products. These are added to the irrigation water during the first phase of the crop, and although their use can be prolonged during the growth of the plant when they are most effective during the first 2-3 weeks or in transplants. Canna root stimulant can be purchased here

Growth compost

In the growth phase, feeding a marijuana plant requires a significant supply of nitrogen. Nitrogen favors the development of cells and consequently makes plants develop faster and more vigorously. And where is the nitrogen that plants need for their development? Well, basically it is in the combination of certain amino acids and proteins present in fertilizers for farmland, also enriched with phosphorus and potassium.
When the plant is between 3 and 5 weeks old, this type of product begins to be added to the irrigation water and its use extends throughout the growth period. Of course, you should pay close attention to how your crop is responding so as not to supercharge it And you should not fall into the mistake of thinking that by adding more compost your plant will grow more because it is most likely that you will end up raising the pH of the soil so much that you end up with it. Here we can buy growth fertilizers

Flowering compost

It differs from the previous type of fertilizer in that it is specifically intended for the flowering period of the plant and, therefore, has specific characteristics.
During the flowering cycle, marijuana buds form along the branches of the plant and its central tip. What is important at this time is that these buds find their space in the whole of the crop, are able to concentrate a lot of resin (they are juicy) and that the flowers are hard. To achieve all this, the corresponding flowering fertilizers are applied, also with a high in phosphorus and potassium, up to 15 days before harvest, and are usually mixed in irrigation water with carbohydrates (sugars) to
enhance its properties. Here we can buy flowering fertilizers


Once the buds have already acquired a certain shape during the flowering period, it is interesting to increase their size. This is achieved through the use of fattening products or boosters.
They are used when the plant is no longer taking any new calyx and the buds are already formed and full of white hairs, some even having that characteristic amber-like color. In addition, they must be used very sparingly because the purpose is to enhance the flavor of the future harvest, not to fatten the bud to the detriment of its natural quality.
In the market you will find stimulators or fatteners of various categories, some of 100% biological origin (the most recommended if what you are most concerned about is the final taste) and others mixed with chemical products (which are not bad if you want a balance between size and flavor). Here you can buy Canna’s Bio Boost


We have left them for last place, but the truth is that they will be your allies throughout the cultivation process. It is recommended that you use them regularly (approximately every 10 days, or depending on the needs of your plant) to maintain marijuana clean and thus guarantee its quality and taste.
Enzymes are proteins that dissolve in water, eliminating the nutrients that the root has not absorbed, favoring the decomposition of all dead substances in the cultivation land and stimulating the micro-life in your pots so that the use of chemical fertilizers does not end up taking its toll on you in a negative way.

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