🥇 Guide to the best electronic cigarettes 2021

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Guide to the best electronic cigarettes 2021

Welcome to the PEV Grow blog! There are more and more smokers who want to quit smoking and turn to electronic cigarettes as a transition to quit this bad habit. That’s why I got down to work and compiled all the information, so you can choose the best electronic cigarette of 2021 and finally fulfill the goal you have set for this year, but before that … Do you know what an electronic cigarette is? ?

An electronic cigarette, or also known as a vaporizer, is an electronic handheld device that, by means of a heater, converts the liquid that has been introduced into it, also known as a vapor, into vapor. E-Liquid, and which mimics the traditional feeling of smoking, eliminating the side effects and harmful effects derived from conventional combustion.

They became all the rage in 2003, with the famous ban on smoking in public places, and this was used as an effective method for those who wanted to quit smoking or rather like our case, we wanted smoke our cannabis strains with the utmost discretioneven in public.

The electronic cigarette or commonly called vapor cigarette, has a very simple operation and in short, although there are different types of electronic cigarettes, the basic operation is the same. Vapor cigarettes have an internal resistance which is responsible for heating the E-Liquid, which is in the clearomiser, until it enters the vapor state and inhaled by the mouthpiece. This process is very quick, and only takes a few seconds, this varies depending on the strength of the resistance.

By the way, maybe I’m going too fast and I left something in the inkwell … Do you know what the Clearomizer is? It’s very simple, it’s the tank where we add the E-Liquid to vaporize and it should be noted that there are different types of Clearomizer:

  • MTL: These clearomizers have been designed to mimic in practically detail the experience of traditional smoking, first by filling the mouth with vapor and then passing it through the lungs. Ideal if you are starting to switch from traditional gasket to spray.
  • Sub Ohm: In this case, the vapor goes straight to the lungs, with very dense clouds of vapor, which greatly enhances the flavor and gives a very bestial experience. Ideal for marijuana enthusiasts looking for exceptional flavors.
  • RTA: With the RTA the user experience is personalized to the maximum, since you can choose tank size, filament... Ultimately it is designed for vaporizations with a certain experience, who like to personalize the experience to the maximum and daily.

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To clean the electronic cigarette, there are several methods, it can be done with vodka or alcohol, but I will focus on the one that for me is the least invasive and that is proven to extend the life of electronic cigarette, which is none other than water cleaning.

The first signs that indicate that the electronic cigarette needs to be cleaned is that in each vaporizer leaves an unpleasant burnt taste, done very little steam and the liquid in the tank seems already very dark, in this case if you want to enjoy it again you will have to clean it and not come to that, I recommend that you wash it regularly, with a routine, because it is something that you breathe into your body and should naturally be safely.

The method of cleaning with water is very simple, it is necessary disassemble the tank and wash it well in very hot water, then dry it well. Another critical element in electronic cigarettes are the mouthpieces, personally I change them often and disinfect them every day even though I don’t share my cigarette with anyone else. No doubt if several people smoke the same cigarette, ideally each has their own mouthpiece.

How to clean an electronic cigarette
How to clean an electronic cigarette

✅ Advantages and disadvantages of the electronic cigarette

Like everything in this life, there are a number of advantages and disadvantages of using a vapor cigarette and as always at Pev Grow, we love that you are informed and that you can choose with all the cards on the table. . The advantages of electronic cigarettes are:

  • – Exposure to chemicals is lower than in the case of traditional smoking
  • – No yellowing of the teeth
  • – Does not cause bad odors and is much more discreet
  • – Over time, it is cheaper than traditional gaskets
  • – The smoke, composed mainly of water vapor, is much less toxic than that of traditional smoking
  • – It is perfect for medical marijuana users because it greatly improves the absorption of cannabinoids since the percentage that is absorbed is almost 90%, unlike traditional combustion in which you only enjoy 35-40%.

Although not everything is rosy and it is that the use of electronic cigarettes has a a number of disadvantages:

  • – Inhalation of vapors may cause inflammation of the respiratory tract
  • – Vapor cigarettes require maintenance which, if not performed, has a significant impact on the experience and can become hazardous to your health, but the good news is you have all of the components on display at PevGrow at best price!
  • – The initial investment is higher than if you opt for a traditional smoke
Advantages and disadvantages of the electronic cigarette
Advantages and disadvantages of the electronic cigarette

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⚠️ What are the best electronic cigarettes on the market?

In PEV Grow we know that sometimes the pocket is not for too many miracles, so we have selected for you, the best electronic cigarettes in price and quality from the whole market:

EGO AIO Joyetech Electronic Cigarette

This vapor cigarette is perfect for vaporizing essences and benefits from the countless medicinal properties derived from the consumption of cannabis. This electronic cigarette has a very high power, 1500 mAh concretely, in addition to a deposit of up to 2 ml, with which you will have up to 200 puffs.

In addition, its use is extremely simple, just press its start button for a few seconds and you will be ready to go endlessly. It also incorporates a steam power regulator, with which you can adjust the intensity of the smoke. a madness!

Without doubt theone of the best vaporizers of this 2021 in terms of quality / price ratio.

EGO AIO Joyetech Electronic Cigarette

EGO AIO Joyetech

This electronic cigarette has the power of a vaporizer, has a battery with a capacity of 1500mAh, more a deposit of 2ml so that you don’t get lost …
With this e-liquid vaporizer you can also adjust the power of the vaporizer, by turning the ring at the top of the claromizer you can adjust the amount of steam to your taste …

1 aGo AIO vaporizer
1 USB cable
1 Nozzle
2 spray heads.

More informations
EGO AIO Joyetech Electronic Cigarette

Alien Baby Al-85

One of the most special electronic cigarettes of this year 2021, which stands out for its ergonomics and style, but do not think that this little guy is small, because you will hallucinate!?

It integrates an OLED screen where all information is reflected, temperature, battery life, current voltage, etc. Like the previous one, the Alien Baby Al-85 allows you to adjust the intensity of the smoke, simply by turning a small wheel. Filling the E-liquid is very simple, just turn a small cover that is on the side and fill the tank from there.

One of the electronic cigarettes that this year 2021 will be in the pocket of thousands of smokers looking for a maximum discretion without sacrificing quality or power.

Alien Baby AL-85

Alien Baby AL-85

We have before us a very elegant electronic cigarette. Its chassis offers us surprising ergonomics compared to its size …

Material: zinc alloy
Maximum power of 85W
Size: 71 x 48 x 27 mm
Weight: 120 grams
2.0ml capacity.
Temperatures: 100ºC to 315ºC / 200ºF to 600ºF
Large oled screen
Supports 25mm atomizers in the base.
Temperature control

More informations
Alien Baby AL-85

Eleaf Ikuun i80 Electronic Cigarette

The last vaporizer that I chose for you and not the worst, if not the opposite, is theEleaf Ikuun i80, a fabulous electronic cigarette of reduced size, very versatile and compact that will allow you to go where you want and when you want.

The best thing about this vapor cigarette is its ability to add more adjacent tanks, with thread up to 25mm, so you can increase its capacity to your liking. His power is more than acceptable, being able to regulate the temperature of the steam between 100º and 315º. Of course, safety is paramount and this E-Cigarette meets all the safety requirements demanded by the EU.

All information is reflected on a small screen of 0.91 inches, where you can customize all the information you want to display, set the time, amperage consumed, battery status, etc.

Eleaf iKuun i80

Eleaf iKuun i80

Eleaf iKunn i80 has some details that we cannot see in other electronic cigarettes …

Maximum output power: 80W
Input voltage: 5V DC 5V
Output mode: VW / TC
Built-in battery: 3000mAh
Maximum charge current: 2A
Resistance range: 0.05-1.5ohm (TC mode) / 0.1-3.5ohm (VW mode)
Temperature range: 100 – 315 ° C / 200 – 600 ° F (TC modes)

More informations
Eleaf iKuun i80

⛳ Conclusion

If you are thinking about switching to electronic cigarettes and replacing the cigarettes in your life with much healthier cigarettes, in this article you have all the details about electronic cigarettes at your fingertips, and a selection of the best vapor cigarettes of 2021. For you smokers!

If you liked it, share on social networks, I will be eternally grateful to you and you will help our blog to grow more and more!?

Alan Martínez Benito

Alan Martínez Benito

CEO of Pev Grow, expert grower with over 20 years of experience.
In constant struggle for the regulation of cannabis, mainly in the medical field.
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